March Game Update


For the past month Actinate and I have been working on the game and made some good progress. We spent time adding a bunch of features to the ability editor. One of them deals with having abilities require and/or consume items for use. This will be a feature used for the Rogues.

Pouch System

Pouch System

But what I spent most of my time on was coding up the character creation system. This is another very large system. My goal was to use the old system and then make it more consistent and add a few new features. The old system looked very nice and had a lot of flavor to it.  Here are a few images:

Name Selection

Name Selection


Class Selection

Class Selection


I suspect that I’ll be finished with this in the coming weeks. After that, a lot of time will be spent on making content for the classes and races.


Finally, I’ve been slowly editing/adding to the manual on the website. This will be a work in progress and it’ll make sure that we have a better manual than the previous version.


Until next time…

Manual Update

I’ve added a lot of the old manual to the Manual section of the website. Most of these pages need to be edited and are out of date. I will be editing them over the coming weeks to ensure they are up to date and read better.

February Game Update


I bring to you yet another game update.

I’m pleased to say that the Cleric and Fighter systems are in.

The Cleric system is almost the same as before. The main plan here is to make each Entity to give more gifts than before at each donation level.
Here is an image of the Gifts screen:

Clerical Gifts

Clerical Gifts

This screen looks a lot better than the previous one. Overall, the Cleric system was easy to implement – it only took a few days to do so.

The other project I completed was the Fighter Style system. I wanted to give different fighting styles to the fighter class. I wrote up a post explaining it here: Fighting Styles

Fighting Styles Code

Fighting Styles Code

This system took a bit of extra code to make work properly – the game did not support automatic or reactive abilities. It does now.

Finally, I managed to get copyover working for the game. This was a long project – 5 years in the making – but I finally was able to do it. I had to use a special Java framework that works like a plug and play manner. I’m very happy – this was something I wanted to do for a long time.

Copyover in action

Copyover in action

During these items, I’ve been thinking about the character customization. I’m going to tackle that after I complete the Rogue system and the class focii.

Overall, I’m making great progress and believe it is possible to start open testing this summer!

Thanks for reading.

Until next time….

Website Updates


The Lore Section of the website has had many new additions to it – so check it out.

Over the course of the next several months the Manual and the Lore section will continue to expand. We have lots of content we want to have on the website. So stay tuned!

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