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Eihydia is where our story takes place. Throughout your journey you will undoubtedly discover new dimensions and worlds, but Eihydia is where our story begins and where it will end.



Eihydia is a large terrestrial planet with two crater-marked satellites, and it orbits a yellow star—little else is known about Eihydia’s solar system. It is widely theorized that a natural shield of arcane properties has shielded the planet from internal Essence combustion; this shield may also provide protection from devastating meteor impacts, though it should be noted, that several meteor blasts have been recorded throughout history.

As previously stated, Eihydia is a large terrestrial planet consisting of seven continents: Ama’rane, Evonia (once known as Denual), Lon’Gordia, North Kel-Sith, Ravinder, and South Kel-Sith; and three oceans: the Kel-Sithian Ocean, the Shorverne Ocean, and the Viviane Ocean. The larger of Eihydia’s two moons is named Honestus (red in color), and the smaller is named Amor (green in color).


Eihydia is the product of a normal planetary creation process, but it is its unique composure that gives it life and the Tempest Cycle. The Entity is believed to have given Eihydia its mystical properties, but it is not known from where The Entity originated.

The Tempest Cycle is a natural phenomenon where Eihydia uses the Gaia Tributary to keep the balance between good and evil. This has led to speculation that the planet itself is a living Entity and may, in fact, be The Entity itself.



Eihydia is home of an incalculable amount of plant and animal life due to the unpredictable nature of the Gaia Tributary. It is estimated that nearly 300 different species of plant and animal life may be discovered in any given year, while others simply disappear or are eradicated by sentient beings.

The weather will vary based on location and is seasonal; however, there are some circumstances where the climate is locked into a mystical stasis.


Alternate Realities

Several alternate versions of Eihydia exist, but have not been fully explored by native Eihydians—many of these worlds are too dangerous, and intentional experimentation with parallel worlds are forbidden by all arcane councils. The most notorious of these alternate worlds is Abyss—a world once ruled by Derium Ceriuam, the Mad Sage.




Month Days Notes
Celestias 39
Acentivus 39
Eve 38
Entitisda 39
Entuloa 39
Nocural 14 14 days of Darkness, from the remains of Eclipse.
Tempestas 39
Glaciagro 38
Raturen 39
Fortunatus 39
Lumigaia 38