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Age of Recovery (12th Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 12th Age

Estimated time: 4,000-1,500 yrs

Religion: Unknown.






Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.

North Kel-sith

  • The Ice Age ends as Eclipse is defeated. The world begins to recover. Vanyelar rebuilds and slowly becomes a strong influence on the continent. The Kai’vivorian Empire is reduced to a single city towards the north, called Sansoo-kai`vivorian. It becomes a safe haven for dark arts as it suffers political turmoil – it is easy to remain undetected amongest the continual turomil.
  • Dark Raven is established, and like Sansoo-kai`vivorian, becomes a safe have for dark arts, black market trading, and harvesting of souls.
  • Vanyelar seeing a vacuum on North Kel-sith, peacefully annexes the southern half of the continent. They construct a wall on their northern border with Kai’vivorian Empire called the Dividing Walls.
  • Towards the end of the Age, Raine Oka’Windia de’Kai’Vivorian a powerful Indagoian Mage, copulates with a woman of a lost Elven race that possesses amazing psychic abilities. Their offspring, Sesi-kai Oka’Windia de’Kai’Vivorian, is sent to a remote monastery where Sarion Riesuts, a great educator of the arcane resides.
  • Sesi begins to display phenomenal abilities – essence manipulation and reality bending. Sarion focuses his teachings on great Philosophers who believed patience and tranquility were the foundations of self-control.
  • When Sesi becomes of age, his father returns and tries to use his son’s powers for war. Sarion would not allow such a plan to come between him and his student and the two battle. Raine is victorious, but it is short lived – Sesi emerges from the shadows and slays his father by removing his skin merely by thinking of it.
  • With Sesi’s beloved Sarion Riesuts dead, Sesi-kai went into the dark and cold world alone and absent of his teachings.

South Kel-sith

  • The Triumvirate peacefully annexes the northern reaches of South Kel-sith.
  • There is still no word heard from Mysera and the city is officially declared/recorded as destroyed.
  • Trade routes open again on Evonia (formally Denual) as the Disorain population migrates there.
  • Ortivan and Marren are overran by Varconian tribes as they take control – using the cities for breeding grounds. This area becomes known as the War Lands.

Evonia (Formally Denual)

  • Denual is now renamed Evonia.
  • Disorains begin to migrate to Evonia, seeing a chance to finally have their own home land. The Disorains rely on technology and clockworks due to their inability to use magic effectively. These devices become incredibly useful clearing the destruction from the previous Age.
  • Vilainburgh is built – a vast clockwork city and becomes the capitol of the new kingdom – Kyrosai.
  • The continent is rife with political intrigue, assassinations, and other plots. Loanman Cashking establishes his headquarters here.
  • The Disorains also prove to be skilled traders, merchants, and logistical masterminds.


  • The military and mining operation Eridan established is present throughout the Age.
  • Failed expeditions to expand on Ama’rane occur – some from Eridan, some from Evonia, and others from Camoon. The settlers are unable to deal with the harsh environment. Small scale conflict breaks out between Evonia and Camoon but does not erupt in war.
  • Regardless, it is discovered Ama’rane is a virtual untapped land of vast and rare resources, which makes it very desirable.


  • The Dwarves and Treloria make an agreement called the Stone-Wood Pact of the 12th Age: the Treloria allows the Dwarfs access to the mountains of Letviticus Valley for mining, but with strict regulations. The motive of this agreement is due to the intense need for new supplies other nations are requesting to rebuild their lands.
  • The Dwarves and Treloria of Camoon begin to ship supplies all over the world – which is used to rebuild the destroyed civilizations. Evonia becomes the leading client of Camoon – the Disorains need to rebuild essentially the entire continent.
  • Dwarves begin to specialize in cannon technology, building a vast network of stone walls armed with cannons on their shores.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.