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Empires of Eihydia during the 14th Age

The following Kingdoms play a major role in the establishment and running of Tralisia:

  • North Kel-sith – the Kingdom of Vanyelar
  • South Kel-sith – Cokia Dynasty
  • The Empire of Kyrosai
  • Camoon Kingdom

Below is a brief description of each.



The organization of the kingdoms differ based upon their location in the world. The following section is broken up by continent: Kel-sith (North and South), Evonia, Lon’gordia, Ama’rane and Ravinder.


Nations located in North Kel-sith are collectively known as “North Vari’kah”. This is a loose alliance under many banners.

Nations located in South Kel-sith are collectively known as “South Vari’kah”. This is also, a loose alliance under many banners.


The nations that make up North Vari’kah are:

Kingdom of Vanyelar and the Kai’vivorian Empire. The magical city of Eridan would fall under their rule, but they are currently declared neutral.


The nations that make up South Vari’kah are:

Cokia Dynasty and the Vari’kah Kingdom (or Ema).


The Vari’kah Kingdom was the old name of the Kingdom of Ema. A long time ago, Ema controlled both North and South Kel-sith and was known as the Vari’kah Kingdom. After the Last Rites of the Righteous, most of Ema’s southern kingdom was destroyed. Vanyelar attacked and conquered all of Ema’s northern lands in North Kel-sith. Ema can be referred to as “Ema, Kingdom of Ema, or the Vari’kah Kingdom”.


Evonia is home to the Kyrosai Empire. The Empire is made up of a collection of city states banded together.


Camoon Kingdom resides on Lon’gordia, as one single entity.


There are no kingdoms located on Ama’rane. It was the home to Sesi during the Tempest Season. No one has dared to explore or travel there since the terrible war ended.


Ravinder used to be the home land of the Dwarves until their reckless mining unleashed a catastrophic event on the continent. It is now covered in ice and desert. The northern half of the continent is covered in thick snow and tundra while the southern half is a desolate waste land.


Terrible creatures such as demons, beasts and undead roam with impunity. It is highly suggested not to visit this location. As such, there are no kingdoms present only the remains of them.


The term “The Empire” or “The Great Empire” consists of four main players: Kyrosai Empire, Camoon Kingdom, North and South Vari’kah.

Additional Kingdoms, Nations, and City States

There are additional nations and people living in the world. The map that is given only displays the most important locations.



Capital: Vanyelar
Location: North Kel-sith
Closet Allies: Cokia Dynasty
Tensions: Kyrosai

Vanyelar can be considered the strongest kingdom currently in the known world. It is strong both economically and martially. The city of Vanyelar has stood for thousands of years and thus, has passed the test of time. In the many wars that have destroyed the known world, Vanyelar has always been present, and just as important: free. Vanyelar has often served as the staging point for its allies and thusly it has grown in power over the long years. It has a very strong merchant class, as many as three-fourths of those that do not serve in the military have their livelihoods directly tied to trade. Its trade keeps food streaming into the city as it has long ceased to be self-sufficient and its military protects the trade lines. Both The Last Rites of the Righteous and the Tempest Season took place in North Kel-sith. In those times it was a necessity for the kingdom to have a strong military. During present day, the kingdom maintains a strong military based on the phrase, “We will be ready today for the battle of tomorrow.” A recent census of the population indicates that as many as 20% are enlisted in the military totaled just over 30,000 men. 11k foot men. 11k legionnaires, 5k horses, 3k archers.

Vanyelar’s total population is around 150,000 citizens, with most of them living in the capital city of Vanyelar. This number is around 100,000 people. The majority of the citizens are Humans, with Cryinales and Amphorians following a close second.

During the Tempest Season, Vanyelar was the main bastion of hope and power. Sesi tried numerous times to attack and defeat the Kingdom but all attacks failed. This city was also the staging area for most of the allied armies that confronted Sesi. The Kingdom built a great wall in North Kel-Sith – called the dividing wall.

The kingdom has been in the hands of the Solran family for thousands of years. The current King, Solran XI, is in power. He is regarded as a righteous and strong leader. The King enjoys vast support among both the common people and the nobility as he has increased the presence and strength of the military as well as opened numerous trade routes to other countries in the world. Vanyelar is seen as a very stable kingdom and one would have to look deep under the surface to find any cracks.


Cokia Dynasty

Capital: Sul-angue
Location: South Kel-sith
Closet Allies: Vanyelar
Tensions: Kyrosai

The name of their Kingdom, Cokia Dynasty, is of great importance to the Amphorian people. It signifies the Kingdom is ruled by a Dynasty of Kings, which in common is what the word Cokia translates to giving it an oddly redundant name of, when fully translated, the Dynasty of Kings Dynasty, though this problem does not exist in the native language. The name of the dynasty changes whenever a new family takes power, however this is rare and has happened perhaps twice in the last 5 millennia. Amphorians base their lives on a complex system of honor.

The kingdom consists of mostly underwater cities and because of this most of the citizens are Amphorians. Each city also employs a great many mages to transport visitors to the city as Amphorians are the only race that can breathe underwater. Their cities are well protected underneath warm, tropical waters.

Most Amphorians are farmers though there is a strong and growing merchant class. They have a strong economy but not as stable or productive as Vanyelar. However, they do have several orin-steel mines that produce a hefty amount of ore that they ship over the world and their cities are not nearly as reliant on trade to feed their populace as their farms are aided by the vast amounts of food to be found in the oceans. Most of the products they sell are textiles, medicines, food and weapons.

The Cokia Dynasty has a population of around 75,000 Amphorians living in several main underwater cities, with Sul-angue the home to the majority. The amount of non-Amphorians is perhaps 10,000 permanent citizens though visitors and travelers often double that number making it not so rare to see a non-Amphorian on the streets.

The Amphorian military is much smaller then Vanyelar’s. However, the two kingdoms have a very tight alliance. This alliance indicates Vanyelar will defend the Cokia Dynasty as one of their own in exchange for lower taxes on the orin-steel they import. This arrangement has benefited both kingdoms for years and shows no signs of stopping any time soon despite the enemies of both kingdoms desperately wishing to drive a wedge into this alliance.

15,000. 12,000 footmen, 1000 mounted, 2000 archers.

Finally, the kingdom employs a large merchant fleet that does extensive trading throughout the world.

During The Last Rites of the Righteous the Amphorian assisted the free people in defeating the demonic horde. The horde saw the Amphorians as a threat and proceeded to burn several cities with liquid fire. This shocked many citizens as well as powerful leaders. It was a common misconception that the remote location of their cities would prevent widespread destruction. When the next war began, the Amphorians took flight and hid deep below their waters only sending minor aid to the free people. Though, after the Tempest Season, they emerged as a strong people who assisted the rebuilding of the world with their stockpiles of supplies and freely given compassion. Many people speak highly of this and it redeemed the Amphorians in the eyes of most for their lack of aid during the previous years.

The Cokia Dynasty is seen as a stable and peaceful country. They provide many supplies to the remote corners of the world with their vast trading fleet.


The Empire of Kyrosai

Capital: Vilainburgh
Location: Evonia
Closet Allies: N/A
Tensions: Vanyelar, Cokia Dynasty

The Empire of Kyrosai is run by a group of powerful family leaders. One of these leaders was Arch Duke Zythane, who has been dispatched to Tralisia to oversee matters there. This Empire is seen as a shady and plotting Empire. This is most likely due to the sheer amount of Disorain Elves and Turacia that reside in their Empire but, aside from racial prejudice, it has been common for this Empire to try and swindle the other prominent kingdoms in the world. They also are well known for ‘bending’ the rules to get their way. Overall, the kingdom is comparatively very new. It was established after the Tempest Season (The entire continent of Evonia was essentially cleansed during this period). The three other major kingdoms do not take Kyrosai very seriously as it lacks the rich history and heroic past of the other kingdoms.

Their city of Vilainburgh is full of machinery and clockwork devices. With Evonia being so far away from Eridan, and intellectual disgust with the Disorain and Turacia, not many mages will travel to this continent. To offset this fact, the people of Kyrosai had to develop their own ways to deal with common problems, such as light, and steam powered engines. However, this is on a very small scale and not much is known about these “machines” and even less is known outside of the kingdom. The Disorains do employ a troop of Human “engineers” that work (or should we say slave?) on these machines. A few ‘distinguished’ Engineers are in charge of running the show. Their fellow Humans in other empires label them as Disorains due to their conniving with the elves. This city is one of few in the world that uses clockwork beings. It is quite a sight for people who not travel far but one wonders what sort of magic must be behind it as the other machinations are nowhere near as advanced as these. Perhaps more intelligence into the city and culture is required.

The population of the Empire is around 45,000 people with a good amount, perhaps 25,000 being Disorain, while 5,000 being Turacia. The remainders are Humans and Dwarves.

The Empire does not have a strong military, nor a strong fleet. It is estimated that their standing army is of 6,500 troops strong with a fleet of not more than 30 ships. 4500 footmen, 1500 archers, 1000 horses.

People may wonder why this Empire still exists if not for their so many disadvantages and hardships. One word can sum this up: Sillo’s Mines. These mines are the world’s foremost producer of steel and titanium. Vanyelar trades heavily for these materials despite continued wariness about the empire’s true motives. One wonders what Vanyelar’s military would do without this materiel.

The empire is quite unstable. There are constant power struggles in the government and, generally, the man with the most money wins. It is common knowledge that the Empire is taking GREAT interest in the way Tralisia progresses though this could change at any time as the government is constantly in turmoil. It is thought, though, that the ruling class wishes to expand its influence into Tralisia.

Note: The previous Empire on Evonia was completely destroyed by Sesi’s armies.


Camoon Kingdom

Capital: Orethyst
Location: Lon’Gordia
Closet Allies: N/A
Tensions: Empire of Kyrosai

The Camoon Kingdom can be considered the “Silent Kingdom”. They keep to themselves and do not openly bother anyone. The reason for this? The kingdom consists of mostly Dwarves. Dwarves generally keep to themselves and their mountain strongholds. The Camoon Kingdom has been around longer then the Last Rites of the Righteous and it has seen much. There is evidence that suggests it was first established after the great rift that consumed Ravinder so long ago.

The population of the Empire ranges around 39,000 citizens though a lack of communication makes this number a guess at best. The majority of the citizens are Dwarves, with some Humans, Cryinales and Disorains.

The Empire is most well known for their solid weapons and armor, as well as various mining supplies. They control a good-sized fleet of merchant ships and few, if any, combat ships. Most of the merchant fleet transports the vast amounts of orin-steel, platinum, titanium, and other metals to the various locations around the world. However, most maps are of Amphorian design as these ships have absolutely no interest in exploration with the possible exception of new trade routes. The Empire also holds an extremely small military – around 2,500 infantry. They rely mostly on the protection of the mountains as well as the need for most other kingdoms to import metals from them.

During the previous wars, the kingdom has stood neutral for the most part, but they did send a few shipments of troops when the call to battle went out. More importantly, the kingdom sent out massive shipments of supplies in the form of weapons, armor, and food. These supplies were far more valuable than the few hundred warriors that were sent though there was a dearth of soldiers after most able bodies went into the mines or militarized the existing trading fleet.

The kingdom is naturally self-sufficient and keeps to itself. It doesn’t seem to have much, if any, interest in Tralisia. This may change if veins of ore are discovered and that, by the way, is widely rumored to be occurring. If the veins are considered to be profitable then the kingdom may try to capitalize on them before its rivals do. It is common knowledge that the kingdom and Kyrosai compete openly in the metal market. The Camoon’s however, have an added edge – their skill in mining as well as better refinement techniques. The Camoon Kingdom out-produces the Kyrosai Empire by 60% despite having to compete against the ersatz mining machines. Also, they benefit from better relations with most of the other empires and are not regarded as a future enemy, unlike the Kyrosai.


Lesser Kingdoms, Nations and City States

Kai’vivorian Empire

Capital: Sansoo-kai`vivorian
Location: North Kel-sith
Closet Allies: Loosely with Vanyelar.
Tensions: None.
Races: Mostly Indagos, some Corvants, Cryinales and Humans.


The Kai’vivorian Empire are remnants of a once long powerful nation state of Indagos. Over time, it has slowly fallen from grace and is now but a shell of its former self. Many Ages ago, this Empire was responsible for the destructive arcanic wars that ravaged much of the world. The single major city of Sansoo lies in the icy northern mountains of North Kel-sith. There are smaller towns and villages located else where, but most of the area is left to the wilderness. The nation is ruled by several family lines of Indagos.

The nation is a haven to people who wish to peruse their own goals and be left alone by meddling bureaucrats or war. Due to that, the population is made mostly of Indagos, and a smaller group of Corvants and Humans who want to be left to their own devices.

The city is rarely involved in world affairs, and all of their alliances are extremely loose and most of the time non-binding. Thankfully, the rest of the world knows this and honestly, are more than pleased to know that the Kai’vivorians will mind their own business then cause any trouble.



Capital: Eridan
Location: North Kel-sith
Closet Allies: N/A
Tensions: None.
Races: Mostly Indagos, Cryinales, and Humans.


The City of Eridan is an ancient single city nation. The exact date of its creation is not precisely known, but most likely it was built during thef irst Age of Magic or shortly after. It is the home of the Arcane Order, the Magic Academy and all things magical. The city contains the largest number of Mages in the entire world. It is also home to the great Library of Eridan, a towering building that has thousands upon thousands of ancient and contemporary texts. The city is currently ran by Arch Mage Erius Riesuts. As he is away in Tralisia at this time, a council of senior Mages have been appointed to rule in his place.

Eridan claims they are neutral but act more like an ally to the major nations in the world. The city has been staunch allies during times of crisis and always are quick to lend their support. People attribute this to the fact that the Order must know the real consequences for what is happening and vow to put an end to it.

During the Age Of Eclipse (Last Rites of the Righteous) and the Tempest Season the city was able to make it through without little damage. The Age of Eclipse thankfully did not target the city for devastation. Later on, The Tempest Season proved to be a much more dangerous time period for the city. Arch Mage Derium Ceriuam’s array of defensive amplifiers, based on his original Glorifian Construct, was turned on and an unbreakable barrier of magical energy shielded the city from any harm.


Vari’kah Kingdom or Ema

Capital: Ema
Location: South Kel-sith
Closet Allies: N/A
Tensions: N/A
Races: Large amount of Humans, many Amphorians, and some Cryinales and Dwarves.


The Kingdom of Ema is an ancient city dating back to almost the dawn of time. Ema was one of the great cities that the Ancients (Ancients were Humans that could only die by violent means.) built before they fell from grace. Asterian, Renilian, and Lurian were able to somehow retain their grace and live forever. Each leader is responsible for specific tasks: Asterian, the economical and financial. Renilian, the military, city guard, and protection of the kingdom. Finally, Lurian, the writing of laws, clerical and other related duties. They are known as the Triumvirate of Ema. Each leader went about his business in ensuring that all avenues were strong and readied for anything to come, after all, they live forever.

At the time of the Last Rites of the Righteous, Ema was one of the, if not the most powerful, kingdom on Eihyida. They had a population of several million in villages, towns, and cities located throughout their kingdom. Renilian ensured the military was well equipped and trained for any conflict. They have a large trade system that bartered with the major kingdoms of the world. Much of their southern kingdom was destroyed but they managed to hold the demons at the gates to the City of Ema. Over 80% of their standing army was destroyed. This left their northern territories wide open to attack and Vanyelar (who made it through mostly undamaged), declared war and took control of the land. Ema never fully recovered from this event.

During the Tempest Season, the Vari’kah Kingdom fought besides Vanyelar against Sesi’s armies across the known world. Renilian’s superb tactical skills proved to be Sesi’s un-doing at many battles. They eventually assaulted Ama’rane and brought the fight to Sesi’s capital city, now known as Valley of Mist.

As mentioned before each Ancient has specific duties and tasks that they are in charge of. To signify their presence in the city and on the field, they use two combinations of colors. Renilian uses red and black, which signifies blood and steel. Asterian uses gold and brown, which signifies money and trade goods. Finally, Lurian uses white and blue, which signifies paper and the order brought with his laws.

The Kingdom of Ema now is much smaller and only controls a section of South Kel-sith. It is responsible for trade and protection from each side of the continent and also is in charge of providing protection against the unknowns of the jungle. The nation has ample natural resources, including large farm lands, several mines, and animal trade. Even though they are of their former glory, do not underestimate them.

The city itself, is large and grand. There are 3 major districts, each representing one of the Ancients duties. A merchant district, a military district and a law and judicial district. The fourth section consists of a long walk way from the main gate to the center of the city. From this center, entrance to any of the 3 main districts can easily be entered. Above the center of the city, sits a large dome known as the council chambers. There are four walk ways that lead down to the accompanying sections. Thusly, each Ancient and a guest can walk up the ramp to the council chambers to meet at the center of the city.