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Aleena Knight

Aleena started off as a small-time thief in the city of Ema. One day, she was involved in a robbery gone wrong and was arrested. After trial, she was placed under parole and put in the custody of Mister Yuli Milano.

They travelled to Tralisia together, where she served her sentence protecting the town. She liked to slip away from Yuli and cause a little trouble on her own. On one of these trips, she met the golden dragon Momotaro Apophis. Knowing nothing about dragons, she treated him with kindness, gaining a lifelong friend. The three of them would go on hunting trips together, while Aleena led a secret life at night.

One day, she met a strange man, who offered her a position as an assassin.

One day, she met a strange man, who offered her a position as an assassin. She accepted, making an oath to use her skills only to rob the unjust and kill the evil. She finally got her chance when Momotaro was attacked by dragon hunters. Many of the townsfolk banded together to protect the dragon, even those that disliked him. It was among one of the strangest victories the town would know; and only one of many tests of faith, friendship, and loyalty Aleena would face.

Aleena later joined the Overwatch, an organization created by Yuli to eradicate corruption in Tralisia, knowing that it would be a good cover story for her secret actions. As time passed, she became the most notoriously anonymous thief and assassin that Tralisia had ever known, while maintaining her cover of loyal town protector.

She took up a secret residence in the town, vowing to protect, at any cost, Tralisia, its citizens, and those she called friends. One might still find her lurking in the shadows, silent and pensive, waiting for the next threat to enter Tralisia.