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Death in A Tempest Season varies age by age. There are some commonalities between the ages, however, such as dying from old age or illness.

In the 14th Age, death is similar to real life, with the exception of Ama’rane. For an unknown reason, and for specific people, they are brought back to life when they release themselves. At the time of release, the deceased’s Entity, intervenes and restores life, bringing them back to their place of worship, or the center of Tralisia.

The percentage of Entity intervention on Ama’rane is very low, generally reserved for adventurers or citizens of notable worth. The Arch Mage has indicated he is unsure of his standing in this most intriguing scenario, and made it clear no further experiments will be undertaken to acquire answers.

Scholars are unsure why death behaves on Ama’rane like this. Some say Tralisia is a flash-point of things to come, others posit a massive essence stream near the surface that is having an abnormal impact on the inhabitants. Still, others, suggest the incredibly dangerous environment has given an eternal will to live to those who are exposed to these life altering events, thus allowing themselves to essentially avoid death. Perhaps the visitation from their Entity is merely an act of their religious beliefs personified?

It is suspected that the real cause for these events will be revealed soon.