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Corvant (Unlockable)

The Corvant’s are a special race reserved for superior role-players who have already shown dedication to the game.


At this time, requests for Corvants are suspended.


They are a race of Humans who were, long ago, once infused with low doses of pure essence to form a new breed of race. During the Age of Magic, where Indagos used their magic to subjugate a large portion of the world, the Humans fought back by injecting themselves with pure essence to help even the fight. This worked to some extent, but the damage was done to these Humans. Eventually, the Corvant were exiled and became their own race. They are uncommon and rarely are seen in the public.

Corvants have crystalline skin offering protection against attacks, oddly shaped claws and the capability to use magic effectively. They also receive mutations (some random and some by choice) over the course of their life time.