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This page provides information on the eight main attributes, their individual sub attributes, and how they all come together to affect your character. The attribute progression system opens up at level 20.



There are eight attributes for every character in A Tempest Season. Seven of them are visible, and the final one, luck, is hidden.


Attribute Main Effect
Strength Melee Damage A measure of your character’s physical prowess.
Constitution Vital Gain and Regeneration A measure of how hearty and healthy a character is.
Agility Defensive Rolls A measure of how quickly the character moves.
Dexterity Melee Offensive Rolls A measure of how well the character uses their hands and similar actions.
Intelligence Magic Offensive Rolls, Magic Damage A measure of a characters capability to learn and understand abstract concepts.
Wisdom Holy Offensive Rolls, Holy Healing and Damage An overall measure of a characters experiences in life.
Charisma Buying Items A measure of how charming and enticing this character is to others.
Luck Everything A measure of how lucky a character is.


Sub Attributes

Each parent attribute is governed by three sub attributes. Each sub attribute focuses on a series of specific effects and helps the player decide how to build their character.



The following sub attributes exist for each parent attribute:
















Viewing Attributes

There are two ways to view your attributes:

To view the current values on the score screen type:



Viewing attributes on score

Viewing attributes on score


To view in-depth information, including progression, base stats, and current values, type:



score att


Attribute view under level 20

Attribute view under level 20


Attribute Effects

Most attributes have no cap and will infinitely progress.


To view effects for all attributes type:

attributes all


score att all


To view the effects of a single attribute type:

attributes <attribute>


score att <attribute>


Viewing s specific attribute: Strength

Viewing s specific attribute: Dexterity


The higher the attribute, the more effective it becomes.


Raising Attributes – Level 20+

At level 20, a player may assign experience points to a sub attribute. There are 21 sub attributes to level up.

Gaining Experience

By default, 25% of the gained experience is put towards the experience of attributes.

The player must designate a sub attribute for this experience gain. The selected sub attribute can be changed at an attribute trainer.



For example, an Indago Mage may wish to increase his or her intelligence. He or she must select a sub attribute that falls under Intelligence. A Dwarven Fighter, on the other hand, may wish to increase Strength’s sub attributes to increase combat damage.
Changing the selected sub attribute can be done at any time with no penalty.

The syntax to do is:

train setAttribute <attribute>

Example: train setAttribute brawn


Setting an attribute to receive experience

Setting an attribute to receive experience


Changing Experience Gain

By visiting an attribute trainer, the amount of experience put towards attributes can be changed. There is a total of 125% assigned percentage points between character level experience and attribute experience. The cap for each is 100%.

For example,

Character Level: 100%

Attributes: 25%


Character Level: 50%

Attributes: 75%



The syntax to do is:
train setAttributeExp <character exp percent> <attribute exp percent>

Example: train setAttributeExp 0 100


Setting experience for attributes and character level.

Setting experience for attributes and character level.



There are caps within this progression system, and they are based on the character’s race. Most races have the same cap of 100. A parent attribute can only be increased its racial cap. This cap is also where the player begins experiencing diminishing returns.




Once sub attribute hits 100%, it can be trained at one of the seven attribute trainers within the world, but you’ll have to find them first! Get out there and explore!


The cost of training your sub attributes increases as the parent attribute gets closer to reaching its cap.


The syntax train your sub attribute is:

train attribute <attribute>

Example: train attribute brawn


Training an attribute

Training an attribute

Training Locations

The trainers for attributes can be found in the Training Hall in Tralisia.

Seepage System

Due to the amount of sub  attributes that must be trained, the Seepage System allows for bonus experience to be gained for the sub attributes.


Whenever the selected sub attribute receives experience, an extra amount of the gained sub attribute experience (10%) is placed into the Seepage Pool.


Viewing current Mind State and Seepage Pool

Viewing current Mind State and Seepage Pool


This pool will drain every 6 minutes and distribute experience to other sub attributes. For example, while your selected sub attribute may be ABSTRACTION, you may in fact receive experience towards BRAWN when the Seepage Pool drains!


Receiving bonus experience from the Mind State, "Matter Over Mind"

Receiving bonus experience from the Mind State, “Matter Over Mind”


Mind State

The Mind State dictates how the experience from the Seepage Pool will be distributed amongst allsub  attributes. The type of Mind State received is based on the sub attributes that are generally used before the Seepage Pool ticks and drains. Whenever a sub attribute is checked for use, it has a small chance in generating a Mind State for said attribute.

For example, using a strength attribute has a chance to generate the Strength Mind State: Focused Mind.
Each Mind State has different effects but they are generally similar with a few exceptions. If no Mind State is generated, by the time the seepage pool ticks, a random one will be selected.




Mind State Attribute Description
Focused Mind Strength Applies 33% of the seepage experience to the randomly selected sub attribute.
Matter Over Mind Constitution Applies 25% of the seepage experience to a random constitution sub attribute and then 75% to a randomly selected sub attribute.
Nimble Pondering Dexterity Applies 33% of the seepage experience to 2 additional randomly selected sub attributes and a third randomly selected sub attribute.
Reflexive Thoughts Agility Applies 33% of the seepage experience to the 3 sub attributes in the randomly selected attribute, evenly.
Cerebrum Processing Intelligence Applies 54% of the seepage experience to all sub attributes evenly.
Dedicated Visions Wisdom Completely drains the seepage pool on a randomly selected sub attribute.
Charismatic Wonders Charisma Applies 10% to 100% of the seepage experience to 2 randomly selected sub attributes evenly.
Lucky Discovery Luck Applies 25% additional experience to a randomly selected sub attribute. Drains 33% of the seepage pool.
Muddled Thoughts DEFAULT Applies 20% of the seepage experience to 1 randomly selected sub attribute.