Below you will find numerous articles and pages about the lore of A Tempest Season!


Quest Log

Here you shall find are are the main quests for A Tempest Season.   Contents1 Beta Quests (A Tempest Season)1.1 Year One – 3021.1.1 Quest 1: Proving Grounds1.1.2 Quest 2: The Trade1.1.3 Quest 1: The Land Ship1.2 Year Two – 3031.2.1 Quest 3: The Mad Sage1.3 Year Three – 3041.3.1 Quest 4: Return of the …

Important People



Religion has always played a role in Eihydia since the dawn of time. Below are pages which will explain religion as it stands in the present and as it stood in the past.

The Timeline of Eihydia

Here you will find the timeline of Eihydia. It has a very rich and detailed history.   The known history of Eihydia is split up into 3 Epochs and 14 Ages. This is not to say that the history before the first Epoch does not exist… There are also indications of several Lost Ages. Any …


  Contents1 Overview2 Silver and Gold3 Minting Overview Throughout the ages, currency, traditionally in the form of silver and gold coins, was used. The majority of the kingdoms and nations saw, early on, for a need to have some standardization. This was particularly needed during the Age of Exploration, when a time period of global …


The following sub-pages offer some basic and general information about various topics. The information provided is not considered complete. More information can sometimes be found in game.