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Tier Point Guide

This article was written by Verise Dust.

Hello and welcome to A Tempest Season. By now you have probably read some of the lore for the game, maybe you’ve started your first character and you’ve gained a couple of levels, and in so doing you have accumulated a few Tier Points, you may be asking yourself

“What do I do with These Tier Points?”

Tier Points are used at a Trainer to take your skills to the next level. Trainers are located at the newbie docks (or your respective newbie area), the same room you go to when you use the newbcall command. And at the trainer hall, 3 west of the Town Center. Enter the hall and move 1 room North to find the trainer.

Next you need to think about what skills do I train? You can see a list of the skills ready to be leveled up by typing ‘train list’ at the trainer. Its usually best to train skills that don’t cost you any gold to raise to the next level, to do this you can either use the skill in the world enough times, or use ability points to raise them up, more on using skills in a later topic.

For now let us assume you have used some skills enough times that they are ready to be leveled without additional gold required. You should prioritize the skills that will give you an immediate survival chance increase and in the early game, these are in order:

  1. Weapon skills, focus on just 1 type to start (or praying or casting if you’re a cleric or a mage)
  2. Armor Skill, again just focus on 1 type to start
  3. Defensive Maneuvers
  4. Bind Wounds, an incredibly useful skill, raise it early.

You can swap armor and weapon skill priorities but these two have to be your first priorities. After that The next best place to put Tier Points are into any skills which reduce your weaknesses, You have to use your best judgment on what these are. Clerics are a special case, their second Priority should be in maxing out the preach skill as soon as possible, it’s a skill that will provide a steady source of income and xp even during the Mid Game.

By the time you come to think about Third Priorities you should be thinking about raising your focus skills and later your specializations and their skills. At this point just choose what you think best fits your character or what will give you the biggest jump in survival chances.

If you have Tier Points to spare in the first few levels think before you spend them on other skills. All skills are useful, but it will pay off in the Mid game if you hold off on spending your tier points in places which are not strictly necessary. For example, if you’re not playing a rogue, do you really need to put your tier points into those Hide and Stalking Skills? Save them for later when you have class focus skills that will help you out much better, and later again when you choose a specialization.

Thank You for reading. Good luck and have fun in game. If you have any questions about this, or any other aspect of the game though, please do send me a pm here, or send a tell to any of my characters(Verise) if you see me in game.