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There are several types of undead in Eihydia.

The categories of undead are mostly determined on their sentience and unique capabilities.

Animated and Lingering Forces

Animated undead are not true undead, but rather, inanimate objects that are given ‘life’ by necromantic or other types of otherworldly forces. These animated undead are not sentient. Energized skeletons and other mindless constructs are examples of this this type of animated undead. They are not truly undying, but rather, have limited control over their bodies from the energies infused in the objects.

There is a second kind of undead, called ‘lingering forces’. Shades, wretches, and shadows fall into this classification. While considered ethereal or otherworldly, they are not truly undead, but rather, lingering energy that has manifested itself in some unpleasant fashion.

Fighting and defeating these type of undead requires no special weaponry or holy presence. For example, fighting a mindless skeleton simply requires breaking into pieces. The energy which was moving its bones can no longer do so since the parts are not connected.


These are typically spirits, ghosts, ghasts and other similar beings. In some cases, skeletons and zombies can be considered undead, depending on the way they were formed. They are a sentient to a small degree and are manifestation of negative holy energies. These energies created a creature with a mind which operates on a low level.

They are similar to the animated or lingering forces but because of their incorporeal or ‘living’ energies, they have certain characteristics: typically limited thoughts and goals, but still vicious towards the living. More importantly, they contain powerful defenses and can only be harmed by magic, blessings, or holy forces.

True Undead

True Undead, also known as the Undying, is a sentient ‘living’ dead creature or person. They act, think, and behave like a normal person except they are infused with pure unholy energies. True Undead have emotion, goals, and can speak or communicate with mental projections. The more powerful True Undead have attained the Arch title, which typically are liches, lich-kings, vampire masters, zombie-dragons, and Revenant Kings.

These beings are immensely powerful and can only be harmed by holy auras bestowed by a Templar or Cleric. Unfortunately, blessed weapons do not work on True Undead.

More importantly, True Undead are able to inflict gruesome wounds and pain on their victims at a mere touch unless they are protected by the previously mentioned holy powers. True Undead can also curse their victims and these curses spread to others when the victim dies if not cured. Holy auras do not protect from these curses. Seek assistance from a Cleric, Templar or Blood Shaman immediately if cursed.

Arch Undying typically have elaborate plans and schemes, and resort to manipulation from the shadows in order to achieve them. Secret Cults, Orders, and other similar groups are formed around the Arch Undying. Often, some form of prophecy or promise of greater power, a new world, or some other desire appeals to the followers. They are fanatical and have given up their former life for the promise f a new one.

The Arcane Order and various Templar factions work in tandem to search out and destroy these cults. It is vital task, for the Undying pose a real threat to Eihydia: if left unchecked, the Undying can reap havoc on many innocent lives.


Additional Information on True Undead

True Undead are immune to stun, blindness, fear, and confusion.

Additionally, True Undead that are intended for Groups(6 people) or Army(12 people), are incredibly difficult – the hardest content in the game. Any difficulty under Army (Solo, Duo, Triple, Quad, Group), requires 2 curse curers to be successful. What Army difficulty requires is up for you to discover! True Undead also drop massive amounts of gold.