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Age of Unknown (9th Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 9th Age

Estimated time: 70,000-50,000 yrs

Religions: Unknown.






Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.

North Kel-sith

  • The Cryinale’s begin The Calling, where many Cryinale Elves all across the world return to their forested homelands. In a surprising turn of events, the Kai’vivorian Empire supports this and returns roughly 20% of the Cryinale’s homeland.
  • Eridan undergoes a long series of events that eventually gain its freedom – mostly through the usage of Mage-Assassins and the Kai’vivorian Empire never being able to glean anything useful from the city. The Human, Keira Riesuts is appointed Arch Mage to oversee the new Arcane Order and Riesuts Royal Academy. She seeks to reestablish communication with Mysera and reunite the city with Eridan but all attempts fail. The Eternal Tower seems to have its own agenda now.

South Kel-sith

  • Mysera refuses any attempts to rejoin the Alliance with Eridan after it gains freedom from the Kai’vivorian Empire.
  • The Blind Man makes an appearance in the City of Ema.
  • The FMA gains a reputation for strictly enforcing permit usage: several shops are razed to the ground when they do not comply with regulations.


  • The Darillian Imperial Kingdom is formed when several smaller nation-states band into a larger one. Over time, a series of conflicts occur and eventually the Darillian Imperial Kingdom becomes the sole ruler on the continent. with the exception of the FMA.


  • In a strange occurrence, 6 people have the same dream to meet on Ama’rane: a Dwarf from Ravinder, a Treloria from Lon’gordia, a Human from Denual, an Amphorian from South Kelsith, and a Cryinale Elf from North Kel-sith. After the initial meeting, they depart to the western sea, for three islands. They are never heard from again.


  • On Demon’s Walk the Demonic worshiping reaches a tipping point, forcing Dwarves, Tree and Humans to band together to topple the cults. There are rumors the Tempest, again wielded by a female warrior, makes another appearance, but it is never substantiated. “Demon Hammer” is forged from the bones of one hundred slayed demons and placed in the depths of the mountain as a trophy.
  • Lauren’s Keep is constructed; a massive stone fortress. Legend has it the wielder of the Tempest was named Lauren. Again, there is little evidence to suggest this was the case.
  • Orethyst is peacefully annexed from Denual and given control to the Dwarves as Darillian Imperial Kingdom takes control of Denual continent.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.