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Below, you will find the information and history of the Dwarven race, as known to the scholars in the 14th Age, where A Tempest Season currently takes place.



Small but extremely powerful humanoids. They are very hardy and stout, and their wounds heal rapidly because of this. Both Dwarven men and women have long beards that they braid and decorate with expensive jewel beads. Because of this similarity in appearance, it is difficult to determine their sex on first glance.



The first recorded discovery of the Dwarven race was made in the 400th year of the 6th age by several adventurers searching for magical artifacts near the northern Kal-dun’ak mountain region, deep within the barren ice wastelands on the continent of Ravinder. Accounts recall a height-deformed and bewildered looking Human emerging from a hole and asking promptly whether the adventurers had brought food and alcohol with them.

The Dwarves have oral history leading far back beyond the outsider’s discovery of them. Songs and stories tell of the northern half of Ravinder being a great industrial area where many different Dwarven races co-existed under newly formed governments, and not the barren wasteland it was and still is today. Legend tells us that somewhere around the beginning of the 4th age two empires emerged on Ravinder, one in the north and the other in the south. Difference in trade and tradition created a rift between both nations and the wheels of war began to turn. The north quickly became aggressive and put most of its money and resources into strip mining the land for valuable ore to forge weapons and strange battle-devices. The result was a horrible disruption in the magical stream causing the terrible wrath of nature to be wrought on both empires. The final result occurred around the end of the 4th age. The north would be buried under eternal winter and the south would bake in the open sun.

Studies suggest that over 80% of the Dwarven population was destroyed in this bizarre phenomenon that concluded their destructive war before it ever could begin. The result was unpredictable. The remaining races of Dwarves bound themselves together under one name, “Dwarf”, to bring themselves one-strength to survive their impossible conditions. The name also serves as a tie to all their ancestors that died in vain over separation by name.

Today the Dwarven race serves as an essential power to all the economies in the world. Their master skill of forging and working with any form of metal and rock is unchallenged by any that walk Eihydia.



They are fond of both good and bad jokes, stories and songs, battle, and of course ale. They are loyal to their friends and family and will rarely disagree with them or leave their side, especially in the heat of combat or argument; because of this they may appear aggressive and quick to anger. Dwarves have a natural affection for stone and earth, and thus thrive on seeing great mountains and deep caverns. The length of their beards tell their age; the longer and lighter the beard, the older the Dwarf. It is considered a great insult to cut or shave their beards and is punishable by death in some societies.


Racial Tensions

Dwarves generally have racial tendencies towards Disorains, who they compete with for rare materials, and the Amphorians. The tensions between these two exist primarily on the Dwarf’s pillaging of nature for material wealth.



Dwarves originated from the continent of Ravinder, but no longer consider that their homeland. They may be found on any continent and any society. There are many great Dwarven cities in the world, the most famous, Sil’va-de’arka (Rock of Silver), is located in South Lon’gordia.


Preferred Classes

Dwarves make excellent Fighters and Templars, average Rogues and Clerics, and horrible Mages.


Natural Ability

Numerous bonuses to healing, health generation and fighting.

Due to their slowness, they have lower agility (which lowers defense), and a penalty to defense rolls.

Dwarves have infra-vision, giving them the capability to see in the dark.

Precious Minerals – gain more ore, crystals and gems when finding them in a corpse. Gain extra crystals and gems in general from finding them in a corpse.
Staunch Wounds – a powerful healing ability, which closes all open wounds.
Raging Chop – a brutal attack that deals 6 strikes to a target.


This race starts with the following attributes:

Strength: Good(10)
Agility: Low( 3)
Dexterity: Average( 6)
Wisdom: Average( 6)
Intelligence: Average( 6)
Constitution: Superb(15)
Charisma: Average( 6)

These may be leveled up in game. To learn more about attributes, visit the Attribute page.