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Age of Exploration (5th Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 5th Age

Estimated time: 130,000-100,000 yrs

Religion: Unknown.






Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.


North Kel-sith

  • The Order of the Shield begins to expand, seeking to discover the most sacred Secrets of Eihydia. Membership begins to swell, as gradually, select few non-Indagos are allowed to join their ranks.
  • The Human kingdoms in the southern domains begin to consolidate and form larger ones, with one in particular, Vanyelar on the western edge of North Kel-sith.
  • Eridan’s influence greatly expands, and serves as a buffer state between the Human Kingdoms to the south, and the Kai’vivorian Empire to the North.
  • The Arcane Arts flourishes and a Magical Enlightenment Age begins.
  • The Cryinale Elves begin a mass exodus from their homelands in North Kel-sith and seek more opportunity elsewhere. Due to the treaty with Kai’vivorian Empire, the Cryinale Nation has stagnated. Roughly 15% of the remaining eastern reaches is given to a combination of Eridan, Human Kingdoms and the Kai’vivorian Empire in exchange for safe passage and protection on their migration.

South Kel-sith

  • Exploration on a wide scale takes place during this Age – where legitimate attempts of exploring the Jungles and surrounding lands occurred. Many of these were funded by the City of Ema. Varconians act as jungle guides for many of these parties. Some parties are eaten.
  • Explorers from Denual arrive in Western South Kel-shth Oikia’coka Territory, with intentions of constructing a naval port. Local Amphorians agree and Orivan begins construction.
  • As time passes, boundary disputes occur as more settlers arrive from Denual and claim more land from local Oikia’coka Amphorian tribes. The Grand Cokia interceded upon the dispute and shamefully croaked upon the Oikia’cokas, arguing the agreement made with the Denualans is no one’s fault but their own. The Denualans agree to pay property tax.
  • Varconians ransack a remote Amphorian tribe in the Jungle, eating every single Amphorian.
  • Marren, a new city built by the Denualans, becomes fully operational as a mining and lumber station.
  • A guild from Ema, consisting of Mages and Scientists, explores the southeastern section of Jungle for magical artifacts and properties. This guild forms the village of Mysera and its unusual arcane and scientific findings attract people from all around the world. After, the guild completely moves to Mysera.
  • As the Age comes to an end, the City of Ema and the Grand Cokia close their borders and cities to foreigners – citing cultural disturbances and society upheaval based on new ideas that conflicted with well established beliefs.
  • The Lambordia family does not heed the advice of the Grand Cokia and keep Sul-angue open. However, Sul-angue finds fortune in foreign adventurers by offering them South Kel-sith’s finest poisons and healing remedies. This makes the Lambordia family extremely wealthy and influential.


  • Construction of the fleets complete and they set sail based on the “Three Points Pact”.
  • Eventually, explorers discover Lon’gordia, Ama’rane, and South Kel-sith. Ties are made with these locations – see their specific sections for more information.
  • The Federal Merchant Association(FMA) is established to oversee the new trade routes created from the explorations.


  • After thousands of years in isolation, the four tribes have forgotten their Denualitii roots and consider themselves the rightful natives of Ama’rane.
  • Captain Xandose, an immortal Human explorer from Denual, is enthusiastic over the new world he discovered. He quickly becomes favored amongst the Iukocian, whom believe he is the creator of Ama’rane.
  • For the next hundred years, Captain Xandose sails between Denual and Ama’rane in search of fame, fortune, and adventure. During this time, he creates the Threat Level, a tool used to record the level of danger of animals.
  • Seven years later, Captain Xandose returns to Ama’rane only to find the village of the Iukocians in ruins. The fate of the Iukocians, Captain Xandose, and his crew is never determined.
  • Towards the end of the Age, Captain Xandose sails north, past Ama’rane.
  • Any more contact with Ama’rane is severed so Denual can focus on trade routes with South Kel-sith.


  • The explorers from Denual land on the eastern shores of Lon’gordia and are met with a very harsh climate: ice, snow and rock. It is described as a frozen tundra in official reports.
  • Several outposts are established, looking to trade badger fur.
  • Just as the badger trade was ramping up, the outposts suddenly are attacked by local wild-life and destroyed. It is decided to abandon these outposts for now to focus on trade with South Kel-sith.
  • At the same time, Dwarves fleeing from Ravinder’s destruction land on the northern shores of Lon’gordia and begin to trek south, seeking good land to build their new civilization.
  • Some Dwarves settle in a large wooded valley which will become known as Letviticus Valley. The Dwarven clan leaders debate on the best method to preserve their race and to plan for the future. They realize that in order to continue forward, a unified single Dwarven nation must be made.
  • A call of Unification goes out to all Dwarves who landed on Lon’gordia – many smaller groups having settled on the northern coasts. Many answer the call, seeking to reunite with their kin.
  • Steadily, overtime, the Dwarves begin to rebuild their culture and society, establishing new laws and accords for governance. In particular, a council of the most influential clans is created. It is hoped this council will curtail any aggressive actions which led to their destruction on Ravinder.
  • Towards the end of the Age, a fleet of Dwarven ships is seen lumbering in from the northern seas…


  • Ravinder’s role from history fades for the much of the remaining Ages. The northern reaches are forever frozen and the southern sections bake in a never ending sun.