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Age of Magic(First) (2nd Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 2nd Age, Wras Mas-gen’lca

Estimated time: 225,000-175,000 yrs

Religion: Three simple gods are worshiped, based on the setting and rising sun:
Zuloruk: God of Darkness
Neumious: Androgynous God of Dusk
Lumiaris: Goddess of Day




Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.

North Kel-sith

  • A several thousand year Human enlightenment era occurs, focusing on arts, literature and architecture.
  • In the north, Human explorers discover the Cryinale Elves in the vast tracks of woodlands that cover the continent. Culture is exchanged and an Alliance is formed between the Cryinale Elves and three Human Kingdoms.
  • Farther to the north, past the Cryinale territory, Human explorers discover the Indagos, a race of frail blue-skinned humanoids. Their nation is called the Kai’vivorian Empire. They wield a potent force known at the time as “Mas-gen’lca” (Magic). Cryinale Elves also wield a similar form of Magic.
  • War breaks out between the three races over territorial claims. The Indago’s, led by Ark-gen’lca (Arch Mage) Eain’ki-de-voarin, ravage much of the woodlands the Cryinales inhabit and also hurl Olean, a port city on the eastern coast of the continent, several hundred miles inland. The Cryinale Elves become desperate and teach Humans Magic.
  • Not able to withstand the onslaught, the Cryinales broker a one-sided peace treaty that favors the Indagos.
  • Turning his sights onto the Humans, Eain obliterates a lesser Human Kingdom, sending its capitol city into the heavens until it vanishes.
  • The war stagnates and Eain seeks to build a weapon atop Mount Karagas, only to be stopped by a young Human Mage, Niven Riesuts and his fellow soldiers. They duel to a stalemate and fall deep into the mountain. Both survive, but Niven emerges with otherworldly clarity and power.
  • The war stagnates and the Humans become desperate. They create the Corvant, by injecting controlled doses of essence into other Humans. The Corvants are unleashed on the Indagoian armies, wrecking them.
  • The Indagos agree to peace, mediated ironically by the Cryinale Elves: they keep half of their conquered Human lands but must pay a tribute for 1,000 years.
  • The Corvants became alienated and are banished from Human society. The once saviors of the Human kingdoms now go into hiding.
  • By the war’s end, the landscape of North Kel-sith lies in ruins and is misshaped.

South Kel-sith

  • The city of Ema continues growing – its culture has started to influence nearby areas.
  • Several smaller Human Kingdoms begin to take form on the western and northern section of South Kel-sith.
  • The jungles to the south, deep in South Kel-sith remain unexplored. They are thought to harbor secrets, wondrous races, and plant life.


  • Humans expand outwards from early tribes and begin forming small and tight-nit communities.
  • One tribe takes refuge in a valley, from the storms that often plague the landscape.
  • Over time, this tribe calls themselves the Denualitii, presumably named after one of their leaders.
  • They begin to build a culture based on exploration and discovery. They name their lands Denual.


  • Nomadic migrates set sail on crude boats from northern Denual and island hop for thousands of years towards Ama’rane.
  • The nomadic travelers finally begin to settle on Ama’rane, and find themselves battling the harsh environments.
  • Due to the harsh environments, the settlers are forcefully split into 4 tribes, which will eventually become Husanies, the Iukocias, the Pagris, and the Dwellers. For Ages, these four tribes would be the sole, peaceful inhabitants of Ama’rane.


  • The land is wild and filled with mystery for now…


  • The beginnings of the Dwarven race take shape and small crude settlements dot the landscape.
  • The landscape is suitable to stonework, and the Dwarves begin focusing on this skill.