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Creating Characters

In order to play ATS you must create a character to venture into the world of Eihydia. In order to create a character you must first connect to the game and select the C option at the menu. This will begin the character creation process. There are many choices that are before you now and it’s a good idea to have somewhat of a plan before starting out. This will make your life easier and it will define who you are in the world of Eihydia. It will also make role playing much easier.

During your character creation process you will select a name, last name, password for your character (Make sure this is difficult to guess), race, the class (i.e. profession), hair, skin and various other personal preferences that show what your character looks like, their main weapon skill and a small amount of skills to start out with. If you are a magical class you may choose some more spells before entering the game.

As was stated before you should have a plan before creating a character. This is because you will create a persona around the character you develop. If you have a particular trait or personality type you desire to play to make it believable and easier on you (If you’re new) I suggest going with the class that fits or race. For example if you want to play a stealthy and sneaky type then the best race choice would be Disorain, while the Rogue profession would be the best choice for the class. You can also choose the physical characteristics to meet how you picture the race and/or player in your mind. This allows for complete customization of your new persona.