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Below, you will find the information and history of the Disorain race, as known to the scholars in the 14th Age, where A Tempest Season currently takes place.



The Disorain were once the result of a union between a Cryinale and Human but overtime became their own race. Disorains have a slight and tall build similar to Cryinale Elves and Humans. Their hair ranges from short to shoulder length, and in some cases even longer. Their skin is a darker color when compared to Humans. Some say, especially Indagos and Amphorians, Disorains always seem to have a devious and cunning look about them. Disorains display great adeptness with their hands and feet.



The origin of the Disorain race is suspected to originally be from the union of a Human and Cryinale Elf many Ages ago. As such, they were considered a half breed. However, the exact moment of this union cannot be exactly pinpointed down and historians and Disorains do not place much credibility in that theory. Before the 13th Age Disorains referred to themselves as Elves. Over the Ages, the Disorains reproduced amongst themselves and eventually became their own race.

What is known, however, is during the 10th Age, there was a population boom on the continent Denual (now called Evonia today). The majority of Disorains were generally low class citizens and were forced to fend for themselves and roam the streets. Over the span of the next several Ages, they became renowned thieves, bounty hunters, and cunning politicians.

During the Age of Eclipse, where the world was ravaged by the Last Rites of the Righteous, the Darillian Imperial Kingdom, on the continent Denual, was completely decimated and left to ruins. This opened the way up for the remaining Disorain population to assert their control over the next several ages.

When Sesi-kai Oka’Windia de’Kai’Vivorian enslaved the world in the 13th Age with his seemingly unlimited power, he took notice of the Disorains and infused them with powerful magics. Disorains were previously stricken quite often with illnesses of the mind and completely erratic behavior. Sesi purged these aliments and bestowed upon them the ability melt into the darkness at will. These new Disorains carried out Sesi’s will through the shadows. Overtime, the Disorains forged a prosperous nation on the newly renamed Evonia and became their own people. They also stopped referring to themselves as Elves collectively (typically, it’s up the individual to decide if they wish to be called an Elf).

Near the end of the destruction of the Sesian Empire, the Disorains became disenchanted with their master and joined the fight for freedom.

Now, 300 hundred years since the start of the 14th Age, and with much of their previous deeds buried in the past, the Disorains are home to a powerful Kingdom on Evonia called  Kyrosai and look to make their mark on the world.



Disorains can be classified as relatively a cool and calculating race, though prone to violent and erratic outbursts if provoked. They value friendship, only if it serves them.  Major issues of trust are common. Their home land is filled with political maneuvering and backstabbing which only fuels their trust issues and their cunning. Some Disorains take offense at being called an Elf.


Racial Tensions

Disorains have racial tensions towards Amphorians, as they see them easily manipulated due to their code of honor. Additional tensions exist with the Dwarves, who they compete with on the international trade market for rare minerals. Disorains generally get along closely with Humans and Indagos.


The Disorains are predominantly on the continent of Evonia forming the kingdom of Kyrosai. Their capitol is Vilainburgh, a city filled with clockwork contraptions and steam machinery. There are very few Mages present on Evonia.


Preferred Classes

Disorains make excellent Rogues, Agents and decent Fighters. They are average for the remaining classes.


Natural Ability

Disorains have infra-vision, giving them the capability to see in the dark.

Fade – which allows the Disorain to automatically go invisible with 100% success chance. They cannot be revealed.
Adaptation – an ability where after being knocked down, struck by a critical hit, or suffer a melee auto-miss, gain resistance to these actions for a short time.
Graceful Feet – increases dodge chance and lowers risk while in combat by using the grace of the Elf.



This race starts with the following attributes:

Strength: Low( 3)
Agility: Good(10)
Dexterity: Superb(15)
Wisdom: Average( 6)
Intelligence: Average( 6)
Constitution: Average( 6)
Charisma: Average( 6)

These may be leveled up in game. To learn more about attributes, visit the Attribute page.