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Below, you will find the information and history of the Gremlin race, as known to the scholars in the 14th Age, where A Tempest Season currently takes place.


The Gremlins are a small race of leathery skinned creatures. Gremlins were wild creatures, and had no civilization or formed society. It was not until a series of unfortunate events occurred in Tralisia during the current age, 14th Age, that created Gremlin civilization.
Gremlins are between 2 and 4 and a half feet high, and have high agility and dexterity. They are quick on their feet, capable of scurrying along easily through combat and the wild.

Once a hive race, led by a queen, their transformation has now lent them to be more independent but still have a very strong pack mentality. Their culture is one of union and furthering the pack, through usually non-violent means. Collectors of trash and trinkets, they would make good friends with scavengers such as Barrin in Tralisia.


Gremlins are and were wild beasts, where nature found a place to store chaotic and repulsive energy. Wild gremlins are generally found on Ama’rane and Ravinder, due to the constant strife these continents have seen throughout the Ages.

The formation of Gremlins as a functional society is recent and was directly related to the actions of Tralisian citizens. Local adventurers in Tralisia placed a hydra egg in the essence fields of the Dragon Sanctuary. After an incubation period and a series of divine ceremonies gone wrong, an insect-like-creature saturated in essence burst from the egg.

This insect quickly multiplied and posed a serious threat to the city and food stores. The city suffered greatly from the relentless attacks from these ever multiplying insects.

The nearby gremlins, in the Dragon Sanctuary forest and Aching Dark Wood, sensed this new food source and began to gorge themselves on the insects. The more agile forest gremlins were able to out-feed the large brethren from the Dark Wood, and eventually consumed so much essence they became more sentient and formed a society on their own; breaking off from the queen in the Dragon Sanctuary.

These new Gremlins soon consumed the majority of the insects in the surrounding areas. With their food sources now gone, the Gremlins started preying on local Indagian Mages for their rich essence stores. In order to avoid more bloodshed, the city of Tralisia, the Dark Priest Zelroth, and the Gremlins came to an agreement:

The Gremlins could follow either Zelroth or the city, both of which would provide a constant food source.

In return, the Gremlins would assist the city and Zelroth, in each of their goals:

  • The city is dealing with a situation on its docks, which has been overtaken by gangs of rogues and crooks. Officials are hoping these Gremlins, due to their agile and crafty nature, will be able to clean out the docks and restore order.
  • The true motive for Zelroth and his new followers has yet to be determined.

Due to the loss of Indago life at the hands of the Gremlins, both races are extremely hostile towards each other. It is not uncommon for displays of great verbal disrespect or violence to occur between the two. Association is strictly prohibited by each race.



Gremlins are crafty, clever, and take a less serious approach to matters. They can be friendly, but also lacking in the basic understandings of personal boundaries. Gremlins are not well versed in etiquette and certainly lack social skills. Gremlins are not inherently evil; they simply don’t know any better. Property and ownership is certainly ambiguous, however, they do enjoy trading and bartering. Many races consider them vermin but it is not impossible for friendships to be forged.

Racial Tensions

Gremlins have extreme tensions with the Indagos.
Cryinale Elves find Gremlins to be more of an abomination to nature, while Humans see them as an annoying nuisance.



The Gremlins make their home on Ama’rane, in a secluded forest area that remains hidden. Over time, as their society grows, their vision of a great Gremlin city within the trunks of the vast forests on Ama’rane hopes to become a reality.

Preferred Classes

Gremlins make the best Rogues, Rangers, and Fighters.


Natural Abilities

Gremlins can see in the dark.

Pack Mentality, which allows all Gremlins in the group to become stronger.
Tree-ways, gives access to a vast underground network of tunnels that lead to many parts of Ama’rane.
Potent Gas, a noxious fuming attack, which causes damage over time on a target. If any Gremlins are in the group, they receive a lower delay on their next action.



This race starts with the following attributes:

Strength: Average( 6)
Agility: Superb(15)
Dexterity: Superb(15)
Wisdom: Average( 6)
Intelligence: Low( 3)
Constitution: Low( 3)
Charisma: Low( 3)

These may be leveled up in game. To learn more about attributes, visit the Attribute page.