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Quest Log

Here you shall find are are the main quests for A Tempest Season.


Beta Quests (A Tempest Season)

These are the official quests for A Tempest Season. They took place 2003-2006, 2013-2018.

The Years refer to the in-game calendar.

Year One – 302

Quest 1: Proving Grounds

Tralisia finds its home on Ama’rane and with it comes trouble, namely in the form of a Dwarven native Warrior named Dyhazid. Dyhazid constantly harassed, stole and murdered members of a native tribe of creatures called Dwellers. The Tralisian government failed to recognize the charges because the Dwellers were not protected under Tralisian law. For failure to prosecute Dyhazid, the Dwellers amassed an army and assaulted the town for roughly thirty days using guerrilla warfare. During this time the city was placed under Martial Law by Chief Justice Rakker and twenty-four hour protection. Some citizens rebelled, fearing their freedom was at stake, and attacked the city guards. This came to be known as the “Raven’s Massacre” as the entire event took place on Raven’s Walk. Some adventurers and five out of seven guards were killed. The skirmish went on for about an hour until the guards rallied enough troops to subdue the rebellion.

During the final encounter the Dwellers blocked the city’s well water and constructed an underground tunnel. The idea was to emerge from the well and into the center of the city taking the militia completely off-guard. The plan worked and both sides sustained heavy casualties before the Tralisians emerged victorious. During this final battle Rakker was killed in action and later buried on Memorial Hill. Kalosyn, another council member, was badly wounded and never fully recovered (though he was rescued from drowning after the well blockade broke and flooded the tunnels. The Dwellers patched the Amphorian’s wounds and used him as an example to the city indicating that they could be peaceful if left alone). The Overseeer of Tralisia, Arch Mage Erius, went missing in the underground tunnels for some time before emerging relatively unscathed but was visibly distraught over the violence that occurred. Seline, Representative of Domestic Relations, was mysteriously absent for the entire conflict.


The situation ended bloody but peaceful agreements were made several days later. Tralisians would recognize Dwellers under Tralisian Law and would send food and water supplies to the Dwellers in exchange for clean well water and a cease on attacks. The Dwellers agreed but not all the Tralisians did. Some wanted to see the Dwellers die for his harmful acts and heinous crimes while others sympathized with them over Dyhazid’s wrong-doings.


Ultimately, Dyhazid was banned from the city of Tralisia and the Dwellers, in an effort to keep further problems from emerging, closed themselves away from the world. They only open their cavern tunnels now to receive supplies from Tralisia. No Dwellers have been seen roaming the lands since.


Quest 2: The Trade

As the city was recovering from the recent Dweller assault, the city council began importing exotic merchandise. The war had proved to be a drain on the city’s economy and any money to be made in taxes on overseas goods would help bring funds which could be used to aid in rebuilding the city.

Arch Mage Erius suggested importing new magical scrolls from Eridan, which could then be sold to the Arcane Users in the city. The suggestion was approved and a request for scrolls containing a rare ice spell was sent to Eridan, in North Kel-sith.

A month later the shipment of Ice Scrolls was hijacked by a pirate named Joiain and his band of hooligans near the southern docks. It is theorized that they were tipped off by a government official either from the North Kel-sith region or by someone in the Tralisian Council.

The Arch Mage immediately went to Vanyelar for assistance only to be turned away. He was ordered to recover the scrolls if not for North Kel-sith than for the sailors who gave their lives delivering them.

The pirates give the Tralisians the run-around for a few days. They skulked around, spied, and even sometimes ambushed merchants traveling along the southern road. After several days a key pirate “The Great Biberau” is killed in Tralisia by its citizens before he could be captured and questioned. One Tralisian gets an idea to take Biberau’s clothing and disguise himself as Biberau. He tricks a pirate flunky into bringing him to Joiain whom in turn discovers Biberau to be a fraud. Another citizen accidentally stumbles into the shack where Joiain and his men are dealing with the fake Biberau and is captured. The shack is set on fire, which burns for several days and almost takes the lives of the two citizens.

In an effort to end the conflict peacefully a deal was made with the pirates, where the scrolls would be ransomed for 20,000 gold pieces. Only the city did not have the funds to pay the ransom. A wealthy local, Tollkirsche Carnevor, offered to put up the money to retrieve the scrolls in exchange for a percentage of the sales made by them. The government agreed to pay Tollkirsche 20,000 gold pieces plus 5,000 gold in interest from profit of magical sales over a twelve month period. Joiain was contacted and instructed to meet with Erius to collect his ransom.

Several days later arrangements are made to exchange the money for the scrolls. Joiain goes back on his deal, takes the money, the scrolls, and tries to flee. A dramatic fight breaks out at the southern Tralisian docks and the escaping pirate ship catches fire. Joiain and the remaining members of his band managed to escape during the confusion. Only a few of the scroll boxes were recovered from the burning ship; the rest, and the 20,000 gold pieces, sank to the bottom of the ocean. In addition, the destroyed docks on the southern shore was abandoned as it was deemed too dangerous by the council. Instead, funds were diverted to the main docks located in the city walls.


Quest 1: The Land Ship

After laying low for several months, Joiain and his band of pirates made another move against Tralisia. With their ship destroyed, they were stranded on Ama’rane. A new High Justice Arch Duke Zythane Vilore, Silent’s father increased security measures to protect the city from any future threats. One of these policies was increased security patrols on the city docks preventing them from hijacking a new ship.

Unable to steal a ship, the pirates, under the guidance of the drunkard Captain Harvey, instead constructed a massive land ship at a secret base in the woods near the southern mountains. The land ship was a wooden clock-work machine powered by the essence cores from the corn harvesters at the Tralisian Farms. Large metal wheels propelled it forward at a steady speed while several batteries of cannons could lay waste to any enemies.

Joiain, Captain Harvey, and the reminder of their pirate crew set out towards Tralisia’s southern walls. The battle was short lived, as the appearance of the Land Ship was hard to miss. The Arch Duke, city guard and many adventurers formed up and engaged the pirates in the southern grasslands.

It was an almost complete route – the ship caught fire almost immediately, incinerating Captain Harvey. The Captain’s last act was downing a bottle of rum as the fire burned away his flesh. The sight of the Captain panicked the remaining pirates and they fled from the battle. Joiain, having seen the battle was lost escaped as well – and he has yet to be seen since. The pirates, minus Joiain, have since taken refuge in a cave far west of the city and are no longer considered a threat to the city.

The battle would not end without tragedy – the Land Ship became unstable and exploded violently, killing several city guards, adventurers and more importantly, the Arch Duke. Tollkirsche stripped the Arch Duke’s body of his family armor and escaped – never to be seen again.

With another council member slain by the inhabitants, much of the council’s power shifted to the Arch Mage and Master Kalosyn. They vowed to serve the citizens and Tralisia better than the previous council members.

Year Two – 303

Quest 3: The Mad Sage

Peace and growth blossomed in Tralisia. Even though there was no longer an appointed High Justice, Arch Mage Erius and Master Kalosyn passed many laws and executive orders that allowed the city to prosper.

Midway through 303, news of a Great Sage visiting Tralisia reached the city. This Sage turned out to be Derium Ceriuam. None except the Arch Mage knew of Derium’s past, however, Erius was currently visiting Eridan and was unable to be present for the impending news and arrival of Derium.

The arrival of Derium was met with great fan fare – many adventurers welcomed another that was well versed in the Arcane and lore of Ama’rane; the Arch Mage was often tight-lipped on details. However, the High Sage would not part with his information willingly – he was collecting crystals to construct a vast tower in order to perform important arcane research. In exchange for crystals the High Sage would answer questions. The Adventurers eagerly agreed to these terms. After hundreds of crystals were collected, the High Sage brought them to the center of Tralisia where several adventurers were impatiently waiting to witness the construction of the tower. The embattled citizens sent word to Vanyelar for assistance.

Only the tower was not constructed; instead the High Sage formed the crystals into gateway which opened a portal to another dimension and teleported an existing tower into the center of the city! This tower was the fabled Glorifian Construct. The city was shocked at this turn of events!

Everything quickly went down hill: the High Sage could no longer control the madness contained within his mind and insanity took hold as the Glorifan Construct became fully activated. Atop the Glorifian Construct, the Mad Sage began summoning vile beasts from the plane of which he came from, the Abyss, to terrorize the city. These beasts flooded over Tralisia and killed many hundreds of guards, citizens and adventurers.

When all seemed lost, the Arch Mage returned from Eridan, and aided the city in pushing back the beasts causing Derium to flee. Seeing the threat Derium posed, the Arch Mage devised the creation of a powerful spell which would purge fiends from the city in any future attacks. The city assisted Erius in gathering the components and soon-after the spell was created: Harnessing Ruin.

Once more, the Mad Sage attacked, and the Arch Mage was forced to use this powerful spell. The city was cleansed, having slayed over 150 fiends in a single cast, and Derium was forced to retreat once more. The usage of this spell left Erius severely drained and shortly after, Derium made another appearance, hoping to capture the Arch Mage in a weakened state. Unable to fend off his assaults, the Arch Mage was sucked into the Abyss with Derium.

By this time, Vanyelar answered calls of help, having learned their lesson from the debacle with the pirates. A ship docked at the port with a detachment of legionaries led by Captain Tenar Gentan. The reinforcements were a most welcome sight. Even so, ferocious fighting took place in the city, as all desperately fought against the Mad Sage’s constant assaults. Many lives were lost, and Captain Tenar Gentan captured.

The citizens rallied and sought to bring the fight to Derium and rescuse the Arch Mage and Captain Gentan. With the help several members of the Arcane Order the rescue party opened a portal to the Abyss. Master Kalosyn and the adventurers made their way through the treacherous plane, corrupted by Derium’s influence, and reached the Endless Wall. Here, the final showdown would occur: the Tralisian’s proved to be victorious: slaying the corrupted Captain Tenar Gentan, defeating Derium, and saving Erius.

As the plane began to crumble from Derium’s destruction, the citizens retreated to Tralisia. The portal between the two planes was losing control and would collapse in on each other – destroying Eihydia in the process.

The situation looked hopeless. At the last moment, Director of the FMA Matonimus Vanderduck appeared on a chariot of ducks and flew into the vortex, causing it to collapse and saving the world. It rained duck feathers for weeks after. Matonimus was never seen again; he is presumed dead.

With the city in ruins and the Arch Mage greatly weakened, the future looked bleak for Tralisia. In this weakened state, Vanyelar asserted its influence and began a massive construction project aiming to make Tralisia more secure and able to defend itself. The Arch Mage faded from public life, having been gravely scarred mentally and physically from his time as Derium’s captive.

Year Three – 304

Quest 4: Return of the Arch Mage and the Runic Door

The Arch Mage was severely drained from his exposure to the Abyss and Derium’s machinations. As each day passed his strength would continue to fade. As time went on, he became more desperate as the corruption began to take full control of his body: spawning shades and wretches of the Arch Mage’s visage.

Erius eventually resorted to draining some newly discovered runes in the mud stalker cave underneath Lake Fortune. This uncontrollable drain caused a cave-in and nearly killed a younger member of the Arcane Order. Even though the Arch Mage regained some strength, the corruption still existed.

After a series of events, where at one point Kalosyn arrested Erius for reckless use of Magic and the Royal Family from Eridan was sent to investigate the situation, a strange traveler visited the city: Zansoria. Her motives were unclear but it was readily apparent she was not from this time.


Erius, his relations with Kalosyn in shambles, tracked the wretches to a previously secret cavern. A party of Tralisians entered the cavern and fought their way to the bottom to discover the Runic Door, a gateway to vast untold ancient relics. It is here, Zansoria drained the entirety of the corruption from Erius, making herself young once again in the process. It is surmised her time travel, if to be believed, had a drastic effect on her aging process. After siphoning the corruption, Zansoria rambled on about being a disciple of Derium before vanishing into thin air – and has not been seen since.

The Arch Mage, fully restored, eventually managed to regain his freedom after being placed on trial by the Royal Family and Kalosyn. He was able to resume his position on the council.


Quest 5: The Arcahnos!

A recent earthquake from the unstable hill lands north of the city uncovered a hidden ancient temple. A group of adventurers, including the Arch Mage’s assistant, Rolrian, went to investigate further. Unfortunately, this would not be a pleasant experience: several guards were killed by unknown beasts and Rolrian was dragged into the depths of the temple and brutally mutilated – his body never recovered. Even so, the adventurers entered the dark temple.

As the temple was fully explored, it was clear that it hid many secrets but also dangerous humanoid-spider like beings called the Archanos. The spiders eventually drove the adventurers out of the temple and it was sealed shut. Small skirmishes occurred between the two sides until an un-easy pact was struck: the Archanos would not openly attack Tralisia and would abide by its laws, and in exchange, the Tralisians would not enter the temple save for Dr. Bones Hines strictly for research; but at their own risk.

Even though many explorers have since perished, it was been determined that the spiders worshiped some form of Dark Mage. Who or what this Mage is is unclear and how the temple came to be buried for so long has also eluded the Dr Hines and his explorers.


Quest 6: The Gremlin Queen

The Amphorian Deputy Farland, a member of the Sheriff’s Office, desired to make a positive impact on the city. As things typically go in Tralisia, a single act can have a catastrophic domino effect on the residents. With the help of adventurers, Deputy Farland and others heard of a Gremlin Queen spawning violent gremlins unchecked in Silent Wood. With the Arch Mage’s permission, the party traveled to the forest and battled numerous gremlins before eventually forcing the Queen to make an appearance. She proved to be a formidable foe, severely wounding the Deputy and several other adventurers. Even so, the Gremlin Queen would succumb to the perseverance of the Tralisians and was defeated – significantly weakening the gremlin horde.


As one threat vanished, another took its place: the Mage Yuli became tainted by a dark evil from his time fighting the Gremlin Queen. The Arch Mage determined he could purge the taint from Yuli; however Yuli insisted he should not be restrained during this process. Respecting this, the Arch Mage collected crystals from the citizens and built a crystal chamber with the help of Stormy outside of the city. Inside, Erius, Yuli and the Corvant Cleric Zelroth began to perform the cleansing spell. All was going well until a chain reaction of darkness occurred from Zelroth, and dark spirit forces from many Ages ago appeared. This new darkness began wrecking havoc on the chamber and observing citizens nearby. The chamber became overcharged with two types of darkness and exploded violently – teleporting the Arch Mage to an unknown location and Yuli and Zelroth to the fabled Tower of Windis and Lita.


The tower was once a legend, but is now confirmed real – resting far to the north on Ama’rane. Yuli and Zelroth were trapped at the base of the tower while the darkness was attacking the city. However, the situation was not what it seemed: the darkness only became aggressive when provoked. Eventually, the citizens spoke with the spirits, which desired to speak to Zelroth and to know why they were summoned by the Cleric. Thankfully, the total damage caused by the summoned darkness was minimal and mostly localized to the crystal chamber and a few spots in Lake Fortune and Memorial Hill.

During Yuli’s investigation of the tower, he managed to super charge his bolts of lightning, and flew back to the city. After, it was decided to return to the tower in order to bring Zelroth back to the city, to meet with the darkness. Yuli and Momotaro, an adolesencet Lightning Dragon, worked together to bring a rather large group of adventurers to the tower, and rescue Zelroth. The Tralisians rode Yuli’s lightning bolt and on the back of Momotaro. After arriving, the party was able to also gain access to the inner chambers of the tower and explore its secrets for a short time before returning back to Tralisia.

When Zelroth returned to the city, he spoke to the darkness, which foretold a prophecy of Selandra’s and Silent Wood’s destruction: “On the 500th night, when the moons are one, and the death of the White Demon, and Dark King, summon us once more, and we shall cleanse the world together!”


Quest 7: Infestation of Essence Bugs

Will Tralisia make it out alive?