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Quest Log

A Tempest Season’s Quest Log

 What lies below is a listing of many quests that dealt indirectly or directly to A Tempest Season. The quests that are in the The Lost Quests section are not official A Tempest Season lore. They are included to give the player an idea on how Dayrinni and Actinate eventually came up with A Tempest Season. It’s a fun and interesting read to see where we came from.

There are four games listed below: The World of Gaia, Magical Seasons, Tempest Seasons and finally, A Tempest Season. The first two are message board games. Tempest Seasons started out as a message board game, and eventually morphed into a MUD. This MUD is no longer in operation. A Tempest Season was born from the ashes of the Tempest Seasons MUD.



Beta Quests (A Tempest Season)

These are the official quests for A Tempest Season. They took place 2003-2006, 2013-2018.

The Years refer to the in-game calendar.

Year One

Quest 1: Proving Grounds

Tralisia finds its home in A Tempest Season and with it comes trouble, namely in the form of a Dwarven native Warrior named Dyhazid. He constantly pestered another native tribe of creatures called Dwellers until they amassed an army and assaulted the town for roughly thirty days using guerilla warfare. During this time the city was placed under Martial Law and twenty-four hour protection. Some citizens rebelled and attacked the city guards. This came to be known as the “Raven’s Massacre” as the entire event took place on Raven’s Walk. Some players and five out of seven guards were killed. This went on for about an hour until the guards rallied enough troops to subdue the rebellion.


During this time four of six Council members were introduced: Kalosyn, Erius, Rakker, and Seline. None of them appeared to get along very well.


During the final encounter the Dwellers blocked the city’s well water and constructed an underground tunnel. The idea was to emerge from the well and into the center of the city taking the militia completely off-guard. The plan worked and both sides sustained heavy casualties before the Tralisians emerged victorious. During this final battle Rakker was killed in action and later buried on Memorial Hill. Kalosyn was badly wounded and never fully recovered (though he was rescued from drowning after the well blockade broke and flooded the tunnels. The Dwellers patched him up and used him as an example to the city that they could be peaceful if left alone). Erius went missing in action and was later discovered with a distraught complexion. Seline was mysteriously absent for the entire conflict.


The situation ended bloody but peaceful agreements were made several days later. Tralisians would send small food and water supplies to the Dwellers in exchange for clean well water and a cease on attacks. The Dwellers agreed but not all the Tralisians did. Some wanted to see the Dwellers die for their harmful acts while others sympathized with them over Dyhazid’s wrong-doings.


Dyhazid was banned from the city of Tralisia and the Dwellers, in an effort to keep further problems from emerging, closed themselves away from the world. They only open it now to receive supplies from Tralisia. No Dwellers have been seen roaming the lands since.


After this scenario three races and one class became “Locked” due to the actions the players took during this Quest.

Quest 2: The Trade

The city of Tralisia get itself in a bind after an expensive shipment of Ice Scrolls is hijacked by a pirate named Joiain and his band of hooligans. It is theorized that they were tipped off by a government official either from North Kel-sith region (where the Ice Scrolls were coming from) or by someone in the Tralisian Council.


The pirates give the Tralisians the run-around for a few days. They sneak around, spy, and even sometimes ambush merchants walking along the southern road. After several days a key pirate “The Great Biberau” is killed in Tralisia by its citizens before he could be captured and questioned. One Tralisian gets an idea to take Biberau’s clothing and disguise himself as Biberau. He tricks a pirate flunky into bringing him to Joiain whom in turn discovers Biberau to be a fraud. Another citizen accidentally stumbles into the shack where Joiain and his men are dealing with the fake Biberau and is captured. The shack is set on fire, which burns for several days and almost takes the lives of the two citizens.


Several days later a citizen pays the amount that Joiain asks for in exchange for the Ice Scrolls. He goes back on his deal, takes the money, the scrolls, and tries to flee. A dramatic fight breaks out at the Tralisian docks and the escaping ship catches fire. The Ice Scrolls are rescued and most of the pirates were either captured or killed.


Joiain escapes the fight with the money but not without the scrolls.


After this scenario one race is “Locked” and the game is temporarily closed for 6 months for updates. The game was closed due to feedback from the players, so the staff would have time to act on it and improve the game.


Year Two

Quest 3: Derium Ceriuam


Year Three

Quest 4: Return of the Arch Mage and the Runic Door

Quest 5: The Arcahnos!

Quest 6: The Gremlin Queen



The Lost Quests

These Lost Quests did not happen in the world of A Tempest Season. However, they are here for the readers to enjoy how the game eventually came into being.

Year One (The World of Gaia)

Quest 1: Spring Flowers

An introduction to the world of Eihydia and to general questing. The key players have long been forgotten. The entire game took place on an island just west of Ama’rane. During this first quest the world was established and key characters introduced.

Quest 2: Death Reaps

Four Essence orbs are disturbed by the growing population and awaken horrific creatures from the graveyard. One of the city’s politicians reveals himself as a demon and begins a war on the island.

Quest 3: Fire Falls

A mysterious invading army arrives from Ama’rane and teams up with the demon leader from “Death Reaps”. Together they rain fire down onto the island. The island sinks: city, population, and armies into the depths of the murky ocean.


Year Two (Magical Seasons)

As with the Lost Quests, these quests do not have any impact on A Tempest Season. However, they are included here for the player to see how we eventually came up with ATS.

Quest 1: Rebirth

Sort of a remake of the original Year One’s first quest: Spring Flowers. This quest introduced the players to the world of Eihydia and quests. Most of the action took place on a desolate Ama’rane where only small villages had been established. No major cities ever made an apperance.

Quest 2: The Goblin, the Mage, and the Wardrobe

Sesian and his goblin familiar “Wiggly” go on a great adventure drabbed in some of the most ridiculous clothing ever crafted. Sesian finds himself growing to become a powerful Wizard and defeats the main villain: a strange long-necked demon single-handedly in one round.


Year Three (Tempest Seasons)

While these are labeled “Tempest Seasons”, they are not A Tempest Season quests. They formed the basic building blocks for ATS.

Quest 1: Natural Forces

Led on an insane quest by a skeleton named Estavonbeinwich; Sesian, Dayrinni, and other players go up against a Goddess named Aditi (whom they believed to be evil) and toppled her. It turns out that Estavonbeinwich was working for a darker God that wanted Aditi out of the way and so tricked the mortals into eliminating her.

Quest 2: God’s and Men

Sesian is offered amazing power from the Dark Lord and greedily accepts. His magic skills double and he takes on the entire player base. In some act of luck he is defeated and sent back to his Lord, where he unleashes his true power and absorbs the Dark God by simply “believing” that he, Sesian, is more powerful.

Quest 3: Endgame

Sesian the new Dark God attacks the world and attempts to crush it. The entire player base rallies against him but it is Dayrinni whom emerges victorious. He takes Sesian’s life before losing his own.


Alpha Quests (A Tempest Season)

This is not an official quest for A Tempest Season. They took place 2003-2004.

Year One

Quest 1: Inner Demons

Basically this quest was a remake of “Death Reaps”. The entire game took place in a town called Mysera, which is far more advanced than Tralisia. It is unknown what continent this town existed on but some believe it was Ama’rane and that Tralisia is a remake of Mysera. The Governor of the city rallied the player base to do combat against a demon that had nested itself deep under the earth in the cemetery. The entire area was oddly built on a marshland but somehow could hold amazingly heavy structures and underground citadels. This quest ranged for months as the player base desperately attacked the amassing undead army.


With the final testing phase of questing completed we were ready for the final project, which brings us to our current state.


After this scenario eight races were removed from the game and three classes were “Locked”.