Return to Duskhaven, the Forgotten Fortress

Verise Dust’s Fortress Duskhaven, An Ultimate Achievement

Diary Extract of Verise Dust:


No-one can avoid hearing the whispers of this fortress. Even the most hardy adventurers are afraid, or if they’re not they should be. Cold, dark hallways filled with the undead. Rare beauties such as this should be treasured and studied. Open mindedness is essential for anyone to succeed. My own goal can be found hidden in the pages of this journal. All it takes is a strong mind, a lot of patience and above all else. No compromises. Certainly I have made some in the past, when I was still weak. Yet even then, had I persued my goals more directly I cannot help but wonder where I would be now.

So finally the secrets of this fortress are within my reach. How has the dark mist sustained itself throughout the ages. Animals from the surroundings might be the answer. Looking at the bigger picture I suspect this is the case. Life force from one single worm could perhaps sustain the mist for a generation.

Busy will be the next few months, or perhaps even years. Even Sesi-Kai himself could not have learned the secret overnight. Much harder it will be to try to reverse engineer this work. I know now that this is my purpose on the island. No matter how long it takes me. Every night I shall go back there to learn something new.