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General History

The following is a brief overview of the history for Eihydia. More detail exists under the other lore pages, in particular, the Lore Time Line.   Contents1 The Beginning2 The Magic Stream3 The Order of the Shield4 The Last Rites of the Righteous5 The Age of Recovery6 The Tempest Season7 The Tempest8 The Beginning of …

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World Map

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Empires of Eihydia during the 14th Age

The following Nation States play a major role in the establishment and running of Tralisia: North Kel-sith – the Kingdom of Vanyelar South Kel-sith – Cokia Dynasty and City of Ema Evonia – The Empire of Kyrosai Lon’gordia – Camoon Kingdom   Contents1 Organizations and Locations1.1 Kel-sith1.2 Evonia1.3 Lon’gordia1.4 Ama’rane1.5 Ravinder1.6 Empire1.7 Additional Kingdoms, Nations, …

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Tralisian Council Members

The following is a listing of the current and former council members of Tralisia.   Contents1 Active Council Members1.1 Erius Riesuts1.2 Kalosyn Lambordia1.3 Mavis Buckinghall1.4 Seline Vilore1.5 ?????? ?????2 Dead/Jailed Council Members 2.1 Rakker2.2 Zythane Vilore2.3 Matonimus Vanderduck Active Council Members Erius Riesuts Race: Human Rank: Arch Mage Title: the Overseer of Tralisia Position: Oversees …

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Eihydia is where our story takes place. Throughout your journey you will undoubtedly discover new dimensions and worlds, but Eihydia is where our story begins and where it will end.   Contents1 Description2 Creation3 Biosphere4 Alternate Realities Description Eihydia is a large terrestrial planet with two crater-marked satellites, and it orbits a yellow star—little else …

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The Five Entities – 14th Age

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