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North Kel-sith

North Kel-sith is the northern fragment of Kel-sith Majoa which is widely presumed to be one of the largest landmasses in Eihydia. Sometime before the First Age Kel-sith Majoa was struck by an astral impact which resulted in violent tectonic disturbances that assisted in the formation of inestimable satellite islands surrounding the continent’s shorelines and the continent of Ama’rane.


The Geography of North Kel-sith

North Kel-sith

North Kel-sith

North Kel-sith is home to rolling plains, prairies, hill lands, ancient forests and some mountainous regions. The northwestern locales are home to the Cryinale Elves, where their forested cities are hidden from the general public. These lands border Eridan, the home of the Arcane Order and the Riesuts Royal Academy.

North Kel-sith in the 14th Age looks different than it did in earlier Ages. The vast woodlands which dotted the continent in the past have been lost due to constant wars and harvesting for resources. The landmass used to be roughly 33% larger, in particular the northern sections were destroyed in horrible magical wars and instability which resulted from unrestricted arcane use. The land bridge as it exists today is roughly 10 miles wide, but at one point, it was at least 1,000 miles. A mad mage ripped this land up and hurled northward, creating the bay which exists there today.

Even though the continent is mostly explored there are many ruins that lie hidden in North Kel-sith due to its tumultuous past. There are rumors that ruins of cities built by the Ancients may be located somewhere on the continent.


The Climate of North Kel-sith

North Kel-sith has a varied but temperate climate and experiences four seasons. The most northern sections, where the Kai’vivorian Empire resides, is covered in snow for much of the year. It is only during the warm summer months the ice and snow melt and the grass greens. Further south, the climate becomes warmer, but generally consistent more with cooler temperatures until the Vari’kah land bridge is encountered. The land bridge transitions to the warmer and wet climate as it enters into South Kel-sith.


North Kel-sith’s Natural Resources

There are many resources that North Kel-sith exports, in particular Arcane services and magical items. Due to the violent wars, many of the continent’s mines are exhausted, though occasionally a new vein is discovered. These newly discovered veins are discovered in earth was up-heaved and manipulated during the magical wars from many Ages ago. Kingdoms do not rely on this rare occurrence of new resources and instead import materials from elsewhere.

Vanyelar is also a larger exporter of arms and military weaponry – their blacksmiths are renowned across the lands for their work. The legendary smith Platinum Liberti makes his home at Vanyelar and supplies King Solran XI’s legions with the finest weaponry (though, the Dwarves disagree).

There is also exotic market in Dark Raven and many merchants travel there to find rare and desirable items.


The Wildlife of North Kel-sith

North Kel-sith is mostly tame compared to other locations in the world. Herds of deer, prairie dogs, and similar critters roam on the plains. In the forest, raccoon’s, fleets of squirrels, and numerous bird species can be found. Beavers can be found where there are rivers or water. Some of these beavers can grow to be quite large but do not pose much threat to anyone unless otherwise provoked. Not to say there are no dangers – bears, giant wasps, and mountain tigers are known to roam the more secluded areas. On some coastal cities, whaling is common as well as seal blubber in the more northern locales.