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Glorifian Construct

The Glorifian Construct is the greatest and most notorious of Derium Ceriuam’s achievements. Derium’s journals suggest he once intended for the Glorifian Construct to serve as the heart of Eridan, but realized its potential as a super mystical amplifier could trigger unpredictable, irreversible, or cataclysmic, scenarios.


As previously stated, Derium’s journals suggest that considered building the Glorifian Construct at the heart of Eridan and using it as a super amplifier for arcane purposes. It is unknown why these original plans were abandoned.

Derium’s personal reasons for building the Glorifian Construct were to heighten his own powers and perhaps open gateways into parallel worlds. Historians believe that Derium originally designed the Glorifian Construct as a catalyst to create a schism to the worlds he described in his book, Utpan Relea.

The later uses of the Glorifian Construct are very apparent: death, destruction, and transportation. Derium found that the construct’s gargantuan size made it an ideal weapon for a surprise attack—this was done by phasing it into locations, or by “dropping” it on unsuspecting populaces.

While trapped in Abyss, Derium discovered the Glorifian Construct’s true potential, and he has since used it to travel from world to world by entering an energy field at its base.


The Glorifian Construct is built entirely of Essence mined from Mt. Gillaman. The purity of this Essence has given the Glorifian Construct potential to amplify an incalculable amount of energy from its user.

As a super mystical amplifier, its material makes it unique and near perfect. The construct’s only flaw is its sheer size, which allows any knowledgeable magic user in its proximity to utilize its abilities.


The early location for the Glorifian Construct was Mt. Gillaman—this was to keep its construction a secret from Eridan’s arcane council and Royal Family. After its completion, the Glorifian Construct was transferred on top of the Riesuts Royal Academy. The resulting battle sent Derium and the Glorifian Construct spiraling into Abyss.

During the 14th Age, Derium transported himself and the Glorifian Construct back to Eihydia and dropped it in the center of Tralisia, which is located on the Ama’rane Continent, where it remains to this day.