Return to Duskhaven, the Forgotten Fortress

Burenshu Saitou’s defense of Tralisia

The shrill sound of war trumpets pierced the air and then suddenly a dark, sinister cloud started moving over the sky. “I wonder what’s happening?” I thought,”It better not be those trees again. It was difficult cleaning the sap off my armor plus I stank!” “That came from Duskhaven!” exclaimed Captain Jourel as I jogged into view.”In that case allow me to go investigate” I said
“Good luck, Bane of Silent Wood” Captain Jourel replied. I went out the gate passing some clerics who looked bewildered as war cries sounded from the hillside. I steeled myself for battle and waited. Suddenly a Pagri shaman appeared from the path between the two hills struggling to get away from something. I watched in disbelief as suddenly a sword appeared behind  him and cleaved him in two. A Duskhaven soldier appeared and we fought. It took a great effort to just deal with him. Suddenly more appeared from the hillside and I was forced to retreat back to the gate. ” What’s happening?” Captain Jourel asked.  “There’s an army of soldiers  from the fortress and from the looks of it we’re their targets. Lock the gates and call your men. We have alot of enemies coming.” I replied.

As preparations started we could hear the unearthly sounds of clerics being slaughtered by them. Suddenly the gates started to shake as the bulk of the army started to ram against it. The moment had come. “Prepare yourselves!” I yelled as groups of Duskhaven soldiers started to pour from the gate instantly slaughtering those guards who were foolish enough to engage them alone. “Where are the legionnaires from Vanyelar?” I yelled at Captain Jourel. “They won’t help us” he replied grimly as he unsheathed his sword and started for the nearest soldier. We fought but the strength of the soldiers was overpowering.

Soon we were pushed back to the center of town and we were fresh out of reinforcements. Suddenly Bairn, Yuli, and Aleena appeared and brought news of a duskhaven commander within the city commanding the troops. We resolved to find and kill him when suddenly the Arch Mage Erius appeared in a magical burst of red light and lent us aid in defending the town. We found the commander and as we did battle i decided to investigate our foes further. As I started looting the corpses i found a myriad of banners and other noteworthy items, but what caught my eye was that each soldier had a crest of the Dark Empire which meant that this wasn’t just some accident or ruse. This fight was a test to determine the city’s defenses and we failed. I shudder to think as to what would’ve happened if the Dark Empire had been serious and committed it’s full forces to the clash.