Return to Duskhaven, the Forgotten Fortress

Duskhaven, A Templar’s Journey

A tale told by Vorn, after having 12 mugs of ale:

Come let me tell ye a tale of a place most dark and vile.

As I walked up to the massive door a voice in me head said Vorn ye best turn yer handsome slef around. Of course being me I was not going to be told what to do even by me brain.

So I attempted to enter even trying to enter.I was set on by a dark templar. I released him to the other side and found a key in his pocket.

The key turned out to be one of those finds I could have lived the rest of my life with out finding.

Once in i was set on by a gaggle of undead from differing armies. I became the enemy they wished to take centuries of hate out on. Being out numbered 6 to one i opted to retreat. Again not such a good call sadly for me a trigger a trap in the floor and took a few arrows in the arse bone.


I was able to remove the arrows and wander a short while. This place is dark it is evil, filled with ways to kill a living dwarf. Only a sick twisted bastard could have thinked up. I also understood that with my current skills it was only a matter of time before I became a full time resident of this place.

So i retreated back to the door but i will return one day i will find out what darkness has taken Duskhaven.


Vorn Alemiser