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The information contained within these documents pertains to the recent discovery of the Arachnos.


This awful creature is a cross between man and arachnid. Its spider-shaped cephalothroax is attached to a leathery, carapace-infused, human-shaped thorax, which is connected to an arthropod’s abdomen and a pulsating spinneret. Its horrible mouth is a three-segmented chelate chelicerae that, when pulled back into a striking position, reveals a gaping maw with rows of sharp teeth and four razor-sharp canines.

Four, hairy spider-shaped legs are attached at the lower and upper part of the creature’s thorax. Two elongated claws, used for restraining prey, extend from the middle of this creature’s abdomen, and two leathery human-shaped arms extend at the Arachnos’s shoulders. The flexibility offered by the Arachnos’s unique shape allows it to stand upright on four legs, or scuttle towards you on all eight. Four hunger and rage filled eyes stare at you constantly.

A hardened carapace encases most of the Arachnos’s body, with the exception of its leathery thorax, which appears to be its most vulnerable point. The carapace stretches upwards, enveloping the cephalothorax in the shape of a spectacle helmet with eight eye slots. The strange formation of its body armor twirls upwards into a twisted, majestic crown creating two sharp horns used for ramming and impaling potential victims.

The Arachnos life span is roughly 500 years. Due to their large bodies, they weigh typically between 400 and 800 pounds and range anywhere from 6 to 8 feet in height. They have red, black or yellow eyes, no hair and a naturally thick carapace that is normally black, brown or gray.

From a RP perspective, most Arachanos speak in their natural tongue than common. See the ‘languages’ command for more info!



The Arachnos were one of eight Pagri tribes that each worshipped the spiritual nature of a different animal totems. Until very recently, their clan was believed to have been eradicated by Tralisia’s early settlers.

The Arachnos Pagri were entrusted by their creator to be the guardians of all esoteric knowledge bestowed by the spider totem, which includes the virtues of patience, creativity, illusion and  the duality of consciousness and spirit.

A recent earthquake in the hill lands of Tralisa revealed a hidden temple and, inside of it, the fate of this once lost tribe. With only a handful of artifacts, and a limited expedition, we’ve learned that during the Age of Recovery the Arachnos Pagri came in contact with a skilled mage. Impressed or frightened by his display of power, they abandoned their spider totems and built false idols to this unknown master of the arcane.

At some point, the Arachnos Pagri underwent a transmogrication, which appears to be rooted in their former worship of spider totems. The duality of their spiritual consciousness shifted to a darker tone and took on all the negative aspects of the virtues they once held in such high regards. Their virtues became warped and twisted; patience became impatience, creativity became destruction and illusion became deception. Whether this transformation is arcane, supernatural, or a combination of both is yet to be determined.


The Arachnos are short-tempered, territorial and aggressive. They are mostly solitary creatures intending to survive by any means necessary. Eyewitness accounts claim the Arachnos will become violent with members of their own species over food, and were seen to engage in acts of cannibalism.

Arachnos do not sleep, at least not in the traditional sense. Instead, they go into periods of long rest where they drift between consciousness and unconsciousness. During these rest periods, the Arachnos engage in an activity referred to as “nesting.” Nesting occurs inside of a web funnel and may contain thirty to fifty Arachnos huddled together. There appears to be a mutual understanding of those within the nest that any acts of violence are not to be tolerated; this makes nests a safe place for any and all Arachnos fortunate enough to find themselves in one. This is the only sign of non-violent, selfless social interaction revealed by the Arachnos, thus far.

Name conventions are the only tradition carried over from their former Pagri life. Arachnos tend to choose names that are heavy in consonants, specifically: c, k, h, x and z. Common vowels are i and a.

Racial Tensions

Anything and everyone, including other Arachnos.



The Arachnos Pagri are native to Ama’rane. Any information regarding their early ancestors, settlements and origins is unknown.


Preferred Classes

Due to their enormous size, the Arachnos are less agile than any other race, but what they lack in agility, they make up for in hardiness. This, combined with their sheer brutality and violence, suggests they would make excellent fighters.

Arachnos have lost the virtue of worshipping totems. Instead, they may choose to worship nothing or the dark mage. Combined with their antisocial behavior, they are unable to be ordained or become clerics.


Restricted Classes

Arachnos are unable to select from the following classes: Cleric, Agent, Templar, and Ranger.


Natural Abilities

The Arachnos have a very deadly, venomous bite. They are capable of entrapping victims in steel-silk webbing. Additionally, the Arachnos are known to leap atop their victims, knock them down and deliver a nasty bite. They also have a naturally thick carapace and have excellent night vision.



This race starts with the following attributes:

Strength: Superb(15)
Agility: Low( 3)
Dexterity: Average( 6)
Wisdom: Average( 6)
Intelligence: Average( 6)
Constitution: Good(10)
Charisma: Low( 3)

These may be leveled up in game. To learn more about attributes, visit the Attribute page.