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Low Level Area Guide


The following is a listing of the areas and their recommended level up to level 15:


Name Location Type Level Range
Tralisia Docks (Non-Arachnos Newbie Area) NEWBCALL or path outside of west gate. Single 1-6
Ruined Temple (Arachnos Newbie Area) NEWBCALL or northeast from center of Tralisia and typing ‘activate web’. Single 1-6
Lake Fortune Outside west gate. Single 7-9
Stalker Cave Somewhere hidden in southern Lake Fortune. Duo 9-11
Southern Plains Outside south gate. Single 9-10
Oozes South from Tralisia Center in an old well. Duo+ 10-12
Thick Weeds Thick Weeds in Southern Plains. Single 10-12
Dense Forest Southeastern section of Southern Plains through a path. Single 11-13
Mountain Cliff – Stonewood Trees South section of Southern Plains through a path. Single 13-15
Tralisia Hill Lands Outside north gate. Single 14-16


All of the above areas are near or in Tralisia.

Map of nearby areas: