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The following sub-pages offer some basic and general information about various topics. The information provided is not considered complete. More information can sometimes be found in game.

Legends of the Order of the Shield

Contents1 Coming Darkness2 Fall from Grace Coming Darkness This is a long dead legend that has faded from our lives and into the depths of time. It was forgotten because those that remembered it have died with it.   The blade swirled with a bluish aura of power as it came crashing down upon the …

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Glorifian Construct

The Glorifian Construct is the greatest and most notorious of Derium Ceriuam’s achievements. Derium’s journals suggest he once intended for the Glorifian Construct to serve as the heart of Eridan, but realized its potential as a super mystical amplifier could trigger unpredictable, irreversible, or cataclysmic, scenarios. Contents1 Purpose2 Materials3 Location Purpose As previously stated, Derium’s …

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There are several types of undead in Eihydia. The categories of undead are mostly determined on their sentience and unique capabilities. Contents1 Animated and Lingering Forces2 Undead3 True Undead Animated and Lingering Forces Animated undead are not true undead, but rather, inanimate objects that are given ‘life’ by necromantic or other types of otherworldly forces. …

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