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Age of Enlightenment (8th Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 8th Age

Estimated time: 85,000-70,000 yrs

Religion: Several religions and cults appear:

  • A religion based on the wielder of the Tempest. At this time, records are unclear as to the exact teachings or the full structure of this religion.
  • Cults worshiping the moons Honestus and Amor.
  • Cults of Demon worship.




Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.

North Kel-sith

  • The ending of the 2nd Age of Magic brought forth a long period of peace and rebuilding in North Kel-sith even though many of the governments were under control of the Kai’vivorian Empire.
  • Over time, Vanyelar and the remaining Human Kingdoms begin to receive more autonomy from their masters and can focus on the arts and higher levels of thinking.
  • Eridan, still rests firmly in the hands of the Kai’vivorian Empire. Even though the city has been under foreign control, its arcane secrets were never relieved. Slowly, a resistance begins to build within Eridan, training a series of Mage-Assassins. It is reported Loanman Cashking has influence on the training’s of these Mage-Assassins.
  • Olean begins to recover, however, it never reaches its former glory – not in this Age or any subsequent Age. Regardless, Olean becomes a safe haven for scholars and others wishing to write more expression works due to the Kai’vivorian Empire’s differing cultural beliefs as Indagos.
  • The Order of the Shield begins to venture in the depths of the Jungle. A contingent also seeks out the wielder of the Tempest. She is never found. The Mystic Knights are only able to piece together scattered accounts of what happened when the weapon appeared.

South Kel-sith

  • The Triumvirate and Sul-angue, concerned about future aggression from the north, begin building a series of fortifications on the new and smaller land bridge. In addition, the two nations bolster the northern Kingdoms, sending aid and military support. One Kingdom in particular, Merak Kingdom, becomes the honor-guard for the land-bridge.
  • The Grand Cokia and Triumvirate reopen their cites to foreigners. A cultural boom occurs.
  • During the construction period on the land bridge, a new cult begins to form, based on the wielder of the Tempest, who mysteriously vanished after the end of the battle. They spread her teachings far and wide, while trying to find her. 10 Prophets are decreed, and the peasant folk take on this new religion eagerly. She is never found.
  • Isaiah Gaal, the Great Philosopher is born and pens many works on the relationship Man has with Nature.
  • With Eridan under the firm control of the Kai’vivorian Empire, many of the refugee Mages reach Mysera and begin a new Arcane Order, named The Eternity Tower. This Order is named after the 5 Eternity Orbs. These scholars believe the orbs are the answers to controlling Magic and ensuring the world does not destroy itself. Unable to locate the Orbs, they begin construction on lesser but still potent Void Orbs.
  • The Varconians expand their cultural influence having entered a Golden Egg Age. The population boom causes the Varconians to settle within the outskirts of Ortvian and Merran.
  • Many great writers, artists and scholars create numerous marvelous works during this Age.


  • Having profited greatly from the recent wars, Denual is able to expand their influence across the continent. During and after the wars, refugees fled to Denual, and the Denualitii creates nation-states. One such was Darillian.
  • The Denual, FMA and newly formed nation-states form a republic, assigning votes to each based on trade income and population. The refugee nation-states are each given 1 extra vote for the first 1,000 years or until all nation-states commerce and population equals that of Denual.
  • Massive amounts of resources are poured into these new nation-states causing them toq uickly become established cities on the continent. Due to the open-border policy, this creates a rich and rapid growth of cultural systems on Denual.
  • Over time, the continent becomes known for its great scholars and writers on top of expertise in trading and resource bartering.
  • The FMA sets its sights high – and aims to construct mountain observatories on every continent. The exact reason is not known, though it is rumored that Grand Master Charlet Kinoso, had a premonition that he will live in the nebulous and airy clouds of the sky with the Gods from Eon’s Past.
  • Grand Master Kinoso becomes obsessed with constructing a city in the sky. He spends half of the FMA gold reserves on this quest.
  • The FMA designs and builds the first air-ships. Though, these are solely for the purpose of the Grand Master’s sky-city. The observatories are used to plot sky-courses and also serve as a means to study the stars and moons – which proves to be vital in progressing astral science. The moons receive their official names: Honestus and Amor. Cults quickly form that worship these astral bodies as deities.
  • On the maiden voyage of his airship fleet, the Grand Master waves to his people and takes off into the sky – never to be seen again. A new Grand Master is appointed who tries to rebuild the FMA organization as it was left in shambles. The key change was the issuing of Permits. This turns into a literal gold mine.


  • A small land mass on the western side of Ama’rane containing a hidden society begins to construct massive temples.
  • They reach so high their structures can be seen for hundreds of miles away.
  • Eventually, they reach so high into the sky, they reach Godhood.
  • Just as suddenly as they appeared, the entire land mass, society, and temples vanish without a trace.


  • Fanatics and other dark seekers congregate on Demon’s Walk and begin building temples that worship demons there in secrecy.
  • Orethyst flourishes as the badger population is culled. The Dwarves build a massive fortress in the side of the cliff face near the city.
  • The Dwarves also continue constructing their underground mining operations, taking great care not to dig too deep.
  • They begin exporting massive amounts of materials to other locations in the world, while also stockpiling many more.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.