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Mob Difficulty and Party Challenges

In A Tempest Season the following Mob Difficulty Levels for Parties exist:

Solo, Duo, Triple Difficulty

These mobs can be soloed by a single adventurer.

Difficulty Notes
Solo This is intended for any class and race combination. It should not be difficult to kill a solo mob. Average time to kill times are anywhere from 15s to 30s based on class, race, trained skills, and gear combination. At level 100, you should be able to kill a mob when geared and trained properly, in 1 to 2 hits and have low downtime.
Duo A more difficult version of a solo mob. Any adventurer should be able to kill this provided they are not fighting more monsters and are generally well prepared (potions or abilities off of cooldown).
Triple A much more difficult mob and generally takes 1 to 3 players to defeat. A single (or two) adventurer may be able to defeat this mob provided they are very well prepared, use cooldowns, potions, and similar goodies.


Over time, as an adventurer becomes more powerful and capable, it is possible to be able to solo Duo and Triple mobs.

Quad Difficulty

These mobs are intended for 2 to 4 players depending on power level of the group. Some form of healing (potions/Cleric/Blood Shaman) is strongly recommended. A tank is recommended but generally not required depending on group make up.

You may try fighting Quad mobs without a healer, but if it becomes too difficult – get a healer.

You may try fighting Quad mobs without a tank, but if it becomes too difficult – get a tank.

It is not normally intended for any adventurer to solo Quad mobs efficiently (like solo mobs) unless in certain circumstances (such as prestige classes – Mystic Knight for example).

Group Difficulty

Group content is strictly intended for the following group make ups of 6 players of the following combinations:
Tank, Healer, CC, 3 DPS.
Tank, Healer, Healer, 3 DPS.
Tank, Healer, Off Tank, 3 DPS.
(slight variations of the above may exist depending on certain conditions).

Group monsters have very high attack ratings which allows them to have a very low miss rate. The focus is more on Damage Mitigation or Auto-Dodge instead of dodging attacks (like in Quad mobs). A tank is required to be present because they have high damage mitigation, and then a healer as well, in order to heal the damage on the tank.

Army Difficulty

This is the same as Group Difficulty except content made for 12 players. The exact group makeup for the additional 6 players varies based on the encounter (i.e. spawning many adds vs fighting a single big hitting mob).


True Undead and the Shores of Oblivion

Areas with True Undead, such as the Shores of Oblivion are not made to be soloable (or very inefficiently) and require 1 to 2 healers to cure curses and at least 1 DPS to safely and efficiently adventure there. Group make up is similar for Group Monsters. Cure Curse Rods may be required.