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Jeremis Silbeck

jeratar1Jeremis Silbeck was one of the first (player) Priests of Iniquity to visit Tralisia. He eventually constructed a temple in the city and became a High Priest for the continent of Ama’rane, which Tralisia sits on.

One night he proclaimed to his followers in Tralisia he will seek the truth and faded away into the woods of Silent Wood. He was never seen from again.


Below you will find pieces of his writings.


My friends, my fellow townsmen, a dark time is before us!
A never ending night that will engulf our souls and even the world draws near, looming over us, threatening to take away that which is most dear!

The Entities! The Entities are in FEAR! Their power wanes, growing weaker by the moment. They need our help! They need our prayers! The very Entities that came forth in our greatest time of need now need us! The same Entities that gave us hope, joy and protection. The Ones who lifted us from the darkness and into the light. They need us now more than ever.

But how can this be? Are the Entities not all powerful? Why do They need us? How can we help?
Yes my brethren, I too have asked these questions many times to myself. As to how and why this came about, I know not. Yes, the Entities are truly powerful and awe inspiring. But this power must come from somewhere. The power comes from US. Our trust, faith and belief in Them, our prayers to Them, the great deeds we do in Their name, THAT is how we give them power. THAT is how we help! THAT is how They shall regain Their strength!

My friends, I come not before you as a servant to the Entities. I come before you as a fellow man, as a servant of this great town, a servant of this wonderous world. As to which Entity you pray to, I care not. I only ask that you pray. Pray to the Entities. Do great deeds to honor Them. Create beautiful treasures, tools, clothes, weapons, art and many other things and dedicate those fine items to Them. Explore unkown lands and claim them in Their name. Write our history and how the great Entities had Their hands in carefully molding our futures so that They may not be forgotten. Write plays, stories and music to teach others to tell them the greatness of the Entities.

My fellow Tralisians,
Go forth and do these things. Do NOT less us pass away into enternal darkness. Do NOT let our Guiding Lights fade. This I ask, nay beg of you. Please. Do not let this world end. Go forth in the name of the Entities, go forth for our futures.

Jeremis Silbeck
The Humbled Servant

In the name of the Entities, it shall be done.


People of Tralisia!

I know many of you look to Archmage Erius for guidance and council.
He has led our fair city forward, ever guiding us to growth and prosperity! Yet your souls still wander, searching for direction. Your souls still meander through the trials and tribulations of life, seeking answers, looking for truth.

REJOICE! Rejoice, oh people of Tralisia! For there is one who knows! One who can guide your soul through life. One who can help give you purpose and meaning in this dreary life. One who knows your soul and your needs.

And who is this one you ask? Who is this mysterious person that can do all these things? Our Lord Iniquity. That is who. He is the one that can teach you and guide you. He is the one who can help you through all of life’s trials and pains.

Iniquity? Iniquity is the Entity of Death, is he not? Yes, I know that is
going through many of your minds right now. And yes, Iniquity is the
Lord of Death. But of all the things in life that are unsure, Death is the only truth. Will you ever get rich? Will the crops grow well this year? Will your children grow up to be strong and happy? Of all these questions and many many more, there is no true answer. They will always be unsure until the final outcome is seen. Yet there is one truth that is always constant. One thing that you will always know. One thing that in the end will always be there. Death. Death is the only constant. You know it will happen. It cannot be escaped.

And why follow the Lord of Death instead of some other Entity? Would you rather follow some Entity that preaches hope and love? We all know those things are fleeting. Will hope and love be there for you in the end? You don’t know do you? Of course you don’t. Because there is only one constant. Death. The will to live and strive ever onward. That’s who you should follow right? Once again, nay. Truly do not follow this Entity. It is fallacy! The will to LIVE?! BAH! What will happen in the end? Of course you know. No matter how much you will it, You will still die! There is only one Entity for you to truly follow. One who will always be there. The choice is clear. Iniquity is the one. Iniquity is the only choice. The only Sure thing in your life. So lift up your voices in praise and prayer. And give your soul to the care of our Lord Iniquity.

May Iniquity’s Blessing be upon you all.

Jeremis Silbeck
High Priest of Iniquity


 *Jeremis Silbeck was an actual player of ATS. The writings after the introduction are of his own words.