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Age of Peace (3rd Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 3rd Age

Estimated time: 175,000-150,000 yrs

Religion: There is no organized religion at this time.






Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.

North Kel-sith

  • A new city state is formed in North Kel-sith called Eridan to curtail unrestricted Magic use. Eridan is administrated by a council of 5 Arch Mages: 2 Humans, 2 Indagos, and 1 Cryinale. Niven Riesuts and Eain’ki-de-voarin were made members of the council for they knew all too well the destructive powers of Magic.
  • Both Niven and Eain pass on from old age, their magically enhanced life spans come to an end.
  • Indagos in the Kai’vivorian Empire form the Order of the Shield, and deem themselves as protectors of Eihydia and began training the first Mystic Knights.
  • As peace bloomed, much of North Kel-sith was rebuilt. Copulation between Humans and Cryinales became more common, where their offspring become known as the Disorains.

South Kel-sith

  • Ema becomes a beacon of Human culture and society in South Kel-sith, with the The Triumvirate of Ema (Asterian, Lurian and Renilian) asserting themselves on the continent as wise and benevolent rulers.
  • More trade routes are opened as several lesser Human Kingdoms become fully established.
  • Near the end of the Age of Peace, deep within the jungles of South Kel-sith, the Amphorians awake from their hibernation.
  • Conflicts with the native Varconians, a tribal lizard race, immediately resume between the Amphorians as their encroachment on territory occurred during the hibernation.
  • Human explorers make contact with the Varconians. Relations are tense until a system of communicating based on bartering is discovered.
  • Human explorers make contact with the Amphorians and relations are peaceful until a Human King indirectly insults the Grand Cokia in his own court. The King’s head is returned in a barrel of rotting fish. This event brought a brutal end to the Age of Peace.


  • The Denualitii meet other tribes and try to assimilate them into their society.
  • Some tribes resist, but cannot withstand the societal and cultural pressures. At times, small outbursts of violence break out, but they rapidly end.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.


  • The land is wild and filled with mystery for now…


  • The Dwarven race begins forming a complex society around ale, mining and stone. They begin to slowly learn and perfect techniques related to stone work and precious metals.
  • Stonework is difficult and Dwarves create Ale. This serves as a reprieve from each long day. Amazingly, this knowledge is spread to other continents, even though not a single Dwarf left Ravinder during this time.