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Getting Connected

A Tempest Season (ATS) is an online role playing game. You are able to interact with anyone across the world. Connecting to the game is easy to do.


Connection Information

To connect the game use the following information:

Port 6000, 8875
SSL Port 9000


Program Based Clients

While the above website will generally work for game play, there are other ways to play. There are programs made specifically for playing MUDs, called MUD Clients.

These clients have special features such as saving connecting information, macros, triggers, logging (useful for keeping a history of your sessions), sounds and so on.

There are several popular ones out there, including Mudlet. Mudlet can be downloaded at the following site:

Regardless of what client you end up using, the connection information will have to be put in like above with the web client. Host Name: and port 6000. IP:

Upon connecting to the game from these MUD Clients, you should see this on your screen(which is similar to the one above):

Login Screen

Login Screen

If you have any questions post on our forums or contact the staff here.