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Strands of Essence

Strands of Essence

Mages are the group of specialized people that can draw essence from the planet and shape it into their own desires to form powerful Elemental Spells. Mages can store this essence inside of their body for use at a later time. In addition, they are able to shape this essence into elemental charges, which can be used to cast powerful spells.

Mages require the use of an essence shard to successfully cast any spells. This shard allows them to better focus their mind on casting the necessary elemental spells – even the simplest spells consist of complex motions and parts. There are cases where Mages do not require essence shards to be used, but this is rare. Sesi Windian was one example of a Mage not requiring an essence shard.

Mages are trained at the Magic Academy in Eridan on the continent of North Kel-sith. Every Mage attends the Academy to learn the art of the arcane and how to control the elements. It is almost impossible for a Mage to learn magic without guidance due to it’s complexity. After Mages graduate from the Magic Academy, they generally join the Arcane Order. This is located at the same location as the Academy. There are lesser orders, but the Arcane Order is the most popular. While Mages specialize in the formation of elements into physical form, they still dabble and experiment with other aspects of magics, including reading and studying tomes.

The Order and Academy is headed by an Arch Mage. The current Arch Mage is Erius Riesuts, who is at the moment, overseeing Tralisia (where the game takes place).

To learn more about Magic and Essence, visit the Lore section of the website.


Mages are considered medium difficulty and are suggested for new or experienced players to try. Their mechanics are more complex but still relatively easy to understand within a few levels. The role play is more complex due to the depth of the lore for Magic and Arcane in A Tempest Season.

With that said, Mages offer players who love the Arcane a very rich experience!



Mages serve as DPS and Utility. Mages deal the highest magic damage in the game.


Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Mages. Mages can apprentice under Erius Riesuts, Arch Mage of the Magic Academy and Arcane Order. They can explore Ama’rane and discover the Arcane secrets it holds. Or they can simply read old tomes and sift through ancient history that way. Finally, ancient evils and darkness reside on Ama’rane and the ones who desire pure power and are evil to the core have great role play opportunity to be the scourge of Tralisia and perhaps more!

Unique Game Play System

Mages use essence and the elemental charge system. There are spells called builders and spenders. Builders build up charge, and spenders spend it. Not all spells build or spend charge. You can view the builder and charge by typing spells.

It is important that the Mage learns the correct spells and specializations in order to properly charge their most powerful spells. It makes no sense to equip fire builders and ice spenders – there would be no way for the Mage to cast the stronger ice spells.



Each Mage can select from one of two focii. Each will give the Mage unique skills.


Scholarly mages received a formal education. Most of what he knows is learned by rote and memorization. Research into the validity of anything taught by the Academy is not a “respectable” academic pursuit. The mage is trained to question the magical stream within the narrow perspective of his narrow-minded instructors.

Role: The Scholarly Mage specializes in enchanting, shard construction and non-combat skills.


The Adventurous mage did not learn his trade in a school. He explored with boundless curiosity things academy students simply wrote as a line in their notes during class, dictated verbatim by an instructor. Adventurous mages can think outside the box, but not inside.

Role: The Adventurous Mage is more combat based.


Mages learn Elemental Studies automatically at level 10.

At level 25, Mages can select specializations that involve casting various types of elemental spells. Each element has 2 basic level 25 specializations (1 that does damage and another that is utility).

The following elements currently exist: Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

Earth is in development.


To see all abilities this class receives click here: Mage Abilities


Preferred Races

Indagoians, Cryinale, Treloria, Corvant and Humans.



Spells, *channel (for non-Indago mages), *intervention (for Indago mages), cast and charge.
*These skills allow you to draw essence from the planet so you are able to cast spells once more.


Additional Information

See the following page for my information about Mages: Magic

Mage Abilities

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