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Age of Consequence (6th Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 6th Age, Eternity Discovered

Estimated time: 100,000-90,000 yrs

Religion: Unknown.






Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.


North Kel-sith

  • Eridan officially forms the Arcane Order. Previously, the “Mages” were in loosely-knit groups that shared similar interests and theories. The Arcane Order brings these Mages under a single ruling body. Several other smaller organizations are also officially formed. This is known as the “Arcane Reformation”. Additionally, the Mage profession is still predominantly elemental based, along with various levels of enchanting and artifice creation.
  • Many Cryinales migrate to Eridan, seeking to devote their lives to the Arcane, History and Philosophy instead of the political instability common outside the city walls. The Cryinale Elf nation begins to wane in power. It is here, where the Cryinale and Humans pen the histories of the world that you now are reading.
  • Late in the Age, the Kai’vivorian Empire discovers Eridan is hiding powerful artifacts and commences a siege of Eridan (See South Kel-sith Section below regarding these artifacts). The siege drags on as the attackers wish not to destroy the city and the secrets contained therein. In response, Eridan sends their recently acquired artifacts from South Kel-sth, the 5 Eternity Orbs, through a teleportation gate to Mysera with instructions to destroy the Myserian gate. Contact is severed between the two cities.
  • Vanyelar becomes enraged by the attack on Eridan and mobilizes for war. Unfortunately, this act is seen as hostile towards South Kel-sith’s response to Eridan meddling and the South Kel-sith Kingdoms, too, begin to mobilize for war (See South Kel-sith Section below regarding this).
  • The Kai’vivorian Empire seeing they missed their chance to acquire these artifacts, retreats before the Vanyelar vanguard reaches Eridan. Nothing more comes of these hostilities.

South Kel-sith

  • Due to the City of Ema and Grand Cokia closing their borders, the nations of South Kel-sith remained mostly stagnant in their progress for thousands of years since the Age of Exploration saw its end.
  • Mysera Mystics discover 5 powerful artifacts, which will become to be known as the Eternity Orbs, in the deep jungles. Unable to decipher the secrets, they request the assistance of Eridan, who eagerly accept the invitation.
  • Mages from Eridan, too, are unable to understand the relics and decide to ship them to Eridan for further analysis.
  • Mysera and Eridan form an official alliance, combining the two city-states into an Arcane powerhouse.
  • The Riesuts Royal Academy and Arcane Order seal away the artifacts due to their untapped and unknown powers. They are carefully placed in the underground Arcane Vault underneath the city.
  • Seeking to learn more of these relics and other lost artifacts in South Kel-sith, a teleportation tunnel is connected between Eridan and Mysera. Involvement in local Shaska’okia-cookia Amphorian politics begins by Eridan.
  • Even though this gained the mistrust of many of the locals outside of Shaska’okia-cookia, information about five relics lost to the Amphorian people before the great slumber is uncovered: 5 Eternity Orbs – artifacts containing power from before creation. In exchange for this information, Eridan assists in creating a powerful Amphorian city named Arcanea.
  • Great mistrust and concern regarding Eridan’s meddling spreads like wildfire within the Amphorian and Varconian tribes. Shaska’okia-cookia, Arcanea, and Mysera become powerful influences and eventually tensions boil over.
  • Word of an impending attack by Vanyelar, an ally of Eridan, reaches the Amphorian nation. The Amphorians and Varconians both separately begin to launch attacks against Shaska’okia-cookia and Arcanea.
  • The Varconian tribes seize the northeastern section of Shaska’okia-cookia while the Amphorians destroy Arcanea.
  • Mysera was next, and before the Amphorian’s laid siege to it, the recently returned Eternity Orbs from Eridan were sent away again: by 5 Mages, to unknown destinations in the world.
  • Within a few days after the siege started, Mysera was about to suffer the same fate as Arcanea, however, word from the Triumvirate of Ema reached the Amphorian troops indicating that Vanyelar was not marching into South Kel-sith. Instead, the Vanyelarian armies marched north, to defend Eridan.
  • Weeks later, the Grand Cokia takes his own life due to the overwhelming guilt in the unneeded loss of life. His son Herman Dofra, succeeds him. Herman was said to croak three times upon ascension, an unusual display of acceptance indicating he would not make the same mistakes his father did.


  • The FMA begins minting coins as their influence expands. Additionally, fleets of merchant ships are built to haul resources. FMA sponsored trading outposts begin to be built along Denual, North and South Kel-sith, and eastern Lon’gordia.
  • Loanman Cashking has his first appearance, pulling a heist from the vaults of the FMA.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.



  • Captain Xandose sails far to the north past Ama’rane, and lands ashore Ravinder. Here he discovers a small colony of roughly 100 Dwarfs. These Dwarves tell of a great destruction that took its toll on their lands. When asked why they stayed, the Dwarves reply explaining they did not wish to abandon their homeland like the others and revel fighting the demons.
  • Captain Xandose becomes incredibly interested in Dwarvish history and goes on several sorties with the Dwarves, and assigns the ‘pinnacle’ rating to the encountered demons.
  • At the end of his journey, he is told the Dwarves abandoned Ravinder and fled to the south. Xandose surmises this is Lon’gordia.
  • Xandose makes several trips to Ravinder, in one instance bringing a cadre of Eridan Mages to study the demons; all Mages but one are killed. The Arcane Order bars Ravinder from further investigation and seals off all access. The Dwarfs decide to stay and Xandose sails for Lon’gordia.


  • A lumbering fleet of Dwarven ships lands upon the northern shores of Lon’gordia. Instead of carrying more survivors, the boats are filled with undead and wretched demons. A series of battles occur along the shores and surrounding areas.
  • The ground is scorched and burned so thoroughly that the area is called Demon’s Walk forevermore.
  • It takes several years to purge the demons and undead from Demon’s Walk, but the Dwarves eventually are victorious.
  • This upsets the natural balance of Lon’gordia, and Letviticus Valley suddenly becomes alive with sentient trees, called the Treloria. This drives the Dwarves out of the valley, and into the surrounding lands, where some Dwarven strongholds were recently built. The Dwarves retreat further into the mountains on Lon’gordia.
  • These mountain strongholds become more fortified as the Treloria and Dwarves begin an uneasy relationship – Letviticus Valley is filled with rich natural resources that are coveted by the Dwarves, but with the inclusion of these new sentient trees, harvesting the resources becomes extremely difficult. Additionally, the Dwarves do not wish a repeat of Ravinder, so they proceed with the utmost caution.
  • After discovering Ravinder (See Ravinder section), Captain Xandose makes contact with the Dwarves after the defeat of the Demons. He brings news to Denual and the FMA. This news eventually spreads to the other continents. Some Dwarves leave Lon’gordia for adventure and exploration.
  • The FMA tries to set up trading posts on the eastern section of Lon’gordia. Again, they fail – and it is not until the third attempt, with the help of the Dwarves, the outpost eventually survives.