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Below, you will find the information and history of the Amphorian race, as known to the scholars in the 14th Age, where A Tempest Season currently takes place.



The Amphorian is a frog-like race. They stand 3 feet to 5 feet. An Amphorian is covered in scales and leathery folds of skin. Their chest contains oversized lungs capable of sustaining them for long durations underwater. Their legs are strong and can be used to leap in and out of combat. An Amphorian’s eyes are larger than Humans, and any other race for that matter. When their eyes blink, a clicking sound is heard. When a group of Amphorians are in one place, other races casually remark about the gentle and soothing sound of the rhythmic clicking. This has been known to lull guests to sleep. Additionally, Amphorians have a taste for codpiece fashion. It is a bit of pride for some.

Kalosyn, a renowned Amphorian swords-master, has called on his fellow Amhporian to come to Tralisia to help aid the city.


Amphorian Life Cycle

Amphorians begin as eggs, and they call each other egg brothers. Upon birthing they become a strange humanoid aquatic creature that slightly resembles a tadpole but with a slimy newt head and a small body with limbs. Their fragile bodies are translucent and it is possible to see their organs. Amphorians are only in this second form for roughly one month before maturing into what the common folk see today.

Amphorians are also able to change sex at certain times but many identify with a gender.



The Amphorian race appeared to have developed through natural means. The Amphorians made their first appearance in the 3rd Age, the Age of Peace in South Kel-sith.

By the end of the Age of Peace, deep within the jungles of South Kel-sith, the Amphorians awakened from their hibernation. They immediately assigned territory based on ancient tribal bloodlines and rebuilt their long forgotten cities.

Within the first century of their awakening, the Amphorians encountered peaceful explorers from South Kel-sith’s northern regions. Surprised by the presence of the mysterious Amphorians, the travelers inquired about Amphorian history, and how long they were in South Kel-sith to which the Amphorian leader replied: “Our history is of no importance; just know we always were.”

The encounters between the Amphorians and the other races of South Kel-sith became more and more common over the next two centuries. Peace flourished between the tribal nations and the cities of South Kel-sith until a Human King indirectly insulted the Grand Cokia in his own court. The King’s head was returned in a barrel of rotting fish. This event brought a brutal end to the Age of Peace.

In the Age of Honor, the continent of South Kel-sith was rocked by war between Humans and Amphorians for a little more than ten years after the decapitation of the King in the Grand Cokia’s court. As a result, Eihydia was introduced to the brutal and vicious nature of the Amphorian tribes. United, they cut through the Human army and advanced on the borders of neighboring cities. Fearing Amphorian invasion, some nations answered the Human’s call for assistance; most did not.

When it appeared as if the entire continent would be dragged into war, the Triumvirate of Ema interceded and introduced a truce between the warring Kingdoms and the Amphorian tribes. The conditions allowed the Amphorians to keep the land they captured, and it ordered the leaders of the warring Kingdoms to issue an apology to the Amphorian tribes, or lay down their lives. In return, the Amphorians promised to build Sul-angue, a nation for refugees who were displaced by war. Under the conditions, Sul-angue would be funded and controlled by the Lambordia family, and it would remain a culturally neutral nation that operated in the best interest of its citizens. The Amphorians were also required to lend their military assistance during crisis events.

The Amphorians agreed to the conditions issued forth by the Triumvirate of Ema and peace was restored to South Kel-sith.

Over the next 10 Ages, Amphorians would be steadfast allies of the Human Kingdoms and staunch defenders of Eihydia. During the Last Rites of the Righteous, they were blessed and most of their lands were left untouched. They were prominent in the fight against the Sesian Empire.


The Amphorians are a race of honor. They will live and die by their word. They strongly believe in freedom, and the right to do as one wishes – for it is their right. This concept is known as the “Croalin”; the way of life. Amphorians put much faith, effort, and energy into their friendships as well as their cities and nation. They will also call their home, Cokian “Land of Kings”, their greatest prize and all are very proud of the splendid city. This city is not to be confused with Sul-angue.
Amphorians are not quick to anger, but at times their patience can easily be tested. They will defend insults and challenge said insult to be cast away vocally before one of two actions ensues: a duel until either party submits, or a public apology.

Typical traditional Amphorian behaviors includes the following:

bow: lower head towards the ground and then flare out the neck to contact the ground.

3 rapid croaks: danger, watch out

2 rapid croaks and 1 long croak: anger, challenge, dishonored

1 croak (rapid or long): agreement


Racial Tensions

Amphorians have racial tensions with Disorains, who they see as one without honor. Slight tensions exist towards the Dwarves as they see them as a people who pillage the land the for their own wealth.



The Amphorians live in the swampy southeastern continent of South Kel-sith. Many jungles, bogs, and rivers run through this area and some of the waterways run deep underground and can provide as a natural barrier against attackers. The climate in South Kel-sith is tropical and at times, extremely humid and hot. The Amphorians cannot stand deserts or arid climates.

Their true home city, Cokian, is at an undisclosed location, known only to the highest members of the royal family. This city usually is empty except for the periods known as the Great Hibernation. The majority of Amphorians can be found in Sul-angue and smaller villages in South Kel-sith.


Preferred Classes

Amphorian make good Fighters and Templars. They are average at all other classes.


Natural Ability

Amphorians have infra-vision, giving them the capability to see in the dark natural, body armor and higher movement rates.

Leap – a powerful leap attack where they strike from the sky!
Tongue Lash – a long ranged attack that does damage and pulls the target to them.
Honorguard – a defensive ability which allows an Amphorian to completely block the attack aimed towards any allied group member.



This race starts with the following attributes:

Strength: Good(10)
Agility: Superb(15)
Dexterity: Average( 6)
Wisdom: Average( 6)
Intelligence: Good(10)
Constitution: Average( 6)
Charisma: Good(10)

These may be leveled up in game and will scale accordingly to their starting numbers. To learn more about attributes, visit the Attribute page.