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The Final Intermediate Period (14th Age) – Current Age

Record Data

This is the Current Age of Eihydia.

Also known as: 14th Age, Age of Unity (name pending – Historians shall officially name the Age when it concludes)

Estimated time: 305 years ago-Present day.

Religion: Five great creatures reign over the heavens of Eihydia:

  • Empathy – The Entity of sympathy and compassion.
  • Perseverance – The Entity of determination and growth.
  • Iniquity – The Entity of sin and injustice.
  • Apathy – This Entity of self-preservation and indifference.
  • Obscurity . The Entity of shadow and mystery.

Unlike in the Age of Faith, these deities rarely, if ever, make a physical appearance. Additionally, religion in this Age is more of a guidance on how to live one’s life, instead of an all encompassing religious organization. Due to this difference, there are rarely, if any, religious wars.



Record Details

Several hundred years have passed since the infamous regime of Sesi-kai. His control, avarice, and authority resulted in the devastation of various empires and innumerable lives. Recently, within the previous century, Eihydia has almost absolutely recovered economically and culturally. To commemorate this event of renewal and long-lasting peace the great nations established Tralisia, a commerce town positioned approximately equal distance between the empire’s capitals.

To ensure that Tralisia does not become too financially and politically independent from the rest of the nations, a council of aristocratic delegates (one from each kingdom and one from Tralisia) has been established to manage industry and law. Lately though, the procedures of the Tralisia government have raised concern regarding the motives of the government officials. If they are influenced by the strength, wealth, and potential that Tralisia has to offer then another Tempest Season may be closer than everyone suspects.

At the dawn of the 14th Age, there came to be five religious Entities. These religious Entities were quite different than deities from earlier Ages. These new ones focused more on general ways of life rather than concrete and deliberate actions. Furthermore, these Entities took a more subtle approach to world affairs rather than the visible deities in previous ages, such as during the Age of Faith where religion played a vital and visible role in every day life.

This Age is young and must walk its own past into history…