Return to Duskhaven, the Forgotten Fortress

Momotaro’s jaunt into Duskhaven

A page said to belong to a powerful Yellow dragon who’s strength was rivaled only by his ego and love of things yellow.

I hungered for strong prey, Always did my un-ending hunger and desire for strength above all else drive me in the naeivity of my Youth. One place that tested me like no other place i had hunted, had been the halls of duskhaven.
Battling through the plains, scouring the basins edge bypassing the evil of wretches that lingered hidden within, beyond even the voracious appetites of the giant basin worms. This is where I found the halls of madness and death, known to as Duskhaven.
To gain entry I had to do battle Knight of death, clad in Titanium armor wielding savage weaponry. Even once felled the Knights spirit would return near long to again challenge those who wished entrance. Though it is perhaps for the best, for no ordinary man or beast might traverse Duskhaven and leave with their mind unaltered from the horrors within.
From a war long since passed these fallen denizens continue to wage an unending battle, and once you are within the halls You unknowingly join into the fry. Seemingly without end fallen warriors, legionnaires, Knights, guards and mages assault you from every direction. And just when you think you might have beat them back again they surface. Even when you are forced to flee from their oppressive might, you will not find refuge within those halls for some areas seem to have been devoted to the arcane, covered with runes and mystical devices lost to the depths of time. You will be chased by Nehile’s with two heads, who’s teeth and claws will seek to rend your flesh as they greedily attempt to devour you.
As horrific as this all might seem, if you manage to be a bastion of endurance and make it to the depths of the halls you will find yourself within the blood tunnels. A gruesome place that literally funnels the never ending blood of the fallen within it, greedily consuming it for something that a normal mind would not grasp. Little time is left to admire, or be mortified, for soon you will be set upon by the undead rebel warriors stalking these depths. choosing to flee simply brings you within a small labyrinth where you shall soon encounter risen ghouls. Spending enough time within these blood tunnels reveals the purpose of the area, as the ghouls will become empowered by the large masses of collected blood and become much more fearsome then one could hope to easily counter, even given the strength to make it past the many ordeals one has faced.
Traveling further on, one comes to another part within Duskhaven, halls filled with skittering and seething darkness that seem to churn out an endless amount of shades who’s presence could give pause to flowing magma.
Further exploration about the area one will find an ancient spirit seeking aide, and the trail they give to you would test the meddle of even a seasoned hero for it leads even deeper into the realm not known to mortal kind, a place where only nightmares await, and even if you sought death for escape, you’d naught find it. You would only find misery and depravity befallen your mortal coil.

Few things linger within my mind that give me pause as I have aged and over come all prey in my sight. Only did the halls of Duskhaven shock my youthful pride, and threaten to break my immortal mind.