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About A Tempest Season


After the fall of the great Empire four of the great remaining nations worked diligently together to rebuild their global ties after their bonds were ravaged by war. They settled on a common bond, a trade city by the name of Tralisia, located on the middle-continent of Ama’rane. With the  establishment of Tralisia the four nations unified into a great  coalition and seized economic and military control of the world. Unfortunately for the New Empire they underestimated the will of the people that would seek refuge in Tralisia, and the desire they have to become their own nation.

Come and join us as we seek to explore the unknown world of Ama’rane and the further reaches of Eihydia in this 24 hour a day, real-time, dark comedy fantasy-based MUD. Whether you search for the greatest treasures, create the most infamous guild of Thieves, or simply own your own shop—A Tempest Season offers a little something for everyone; but don’t just take my word for it, come and check us out today!

It is recommended that you visit our manual for more  information about playing A Tempest Season. The following  are some of many options offered in our game: an entirely  original world (NO STOCK!), specialized class/race skills, both a skill and character level system, a NON AUTOMATED combat system, an original storyline, a side-quest system, a fresh magic system with a cornucopia of spells, fully customizable characters, and above all: a friendly, supportive, and dedicated staff and community!