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Strands of Essence

Strands of Essence




Wizards are the group of specialized people that can draw essence from the planet and shape it into their own desires. Wizards can store this essence inside of their body for use at a later time. In addition, they are able to construct a Wizard Laboratory in order to craft artifacts with their essence.

Wizards specialize in the kinetic element for their spells and in the usage of staffs and staves for melee combat. Skilled Wizards are downright deadly with these blunt weapons so watch out!

Wizards are trained at the Magic Academy in Eridan on the continent of North Kel-sith. Every Wizards attends the Academy to learn the art of the arcane. It is almost impossible for a Wizards to learn magic without guidance due to it’s complexity. After Wizards graduate from the Magic Academy, they generally join the Arcane Order. This is located at the same location as the Academy. There are lesser orders, but the Arcane Order is the most popular.

The Order and Academy is headed by an Arch Mage. The current Arch Mage is Erius Riesuts, who is at the moment, overseeing Tralisia (where the game takes place).

To learn more about Magic and Essence, visit the Lore section of the website.



Wizards are considered medium difficulty and are suggested for new or experienced players to try. Their mechanics are more complex but still relatively easy to understand within a few levels. The role play is more complex due to the depth of the lore for Magic and Arcane in A Tempest Season.

With that said, Wizard offer players who love the Arcane a very rich experience!



Wizards serve as DPS and Dispellers. Wizards are more bursty than Mages, capable of doing high damage but not all the time.


Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Wizards. Wizards can apprentice under Erius Riesuts, Arch Mage of the Magic Academy and Arcane Order. They can explore Ama’rane and discover the Arcane secrets it holds. Or they can simply read old tomes and sift through ancient history that way. Finally, ancient evils and darkness reside on Ama’rane and the ones who desire pure power and are evil to the core have great role play opportunity to be the scourge of Tralisia and perhaps more!

Unique Game Play System

Wizards use essence and the spell fragmentation system.

The Spell Fragmentation system allows Wizards to automatically dispel beneficial effects on their enemies as well as buffing their own group.


Spell Fragmentation

At level 15, Wizards are able to harness the energy of dispella to dispel beneficial effects on their enemies or bolster effects on their allies.

Every time a spell is used, a small amount of dispella is generated. When this dispella reaches 100%, a random and powerful effect occurs.

There are two categories of dispella, each with 3 subcategories, which denote what occurs when dispella reaches 100%.


Best Use: For PvP or against mobs which have powerful self buffs.
To Use: Enter the Shatter stance. (cast shatterstance)

Break: Dispels ALL beneficial effects on the enemy and their group.
Dispersal: Lowers current duration and future duration for all beneficial effects on the enemy and their group.
Weaken: Lowers the potency of all future beneficial effect on the enemy and their group.


Best Use: During mob fights, or very difficult battles which require certain buffs to be bolstered.
To Use: Enter the Control stance. (cast controlstance)

Equalization: Copies all buffs in the Wizard’s party to all other party members.
Sustain: Increases duration of all buffs in the Wizard’s party and places a buff on all party members, where the next 2 buffs last 50% longer.
Transference: Places a buff in the Wizard’s party where when the ally strikes a target, they get a copy of the target’s buffs.


Each Wizard can select from one of two focii. Each will give the Wizard unique skills.

High Wizard

You are a High Wizard: an all powerful being who is easily seduced by the prospect of magical secrets. At times, you will enter into delirious states drunk on power, while others, you will craft mighty orbs of arcane potency called Void Orbs. Still, other times, you will research into the depths of what lies on Ama’rane, only to succumb to its tantalizing strands of scrumptious power!

Role: The High Wizard specializes in crafting powerful artifacts and offering some more utility.

Ethereal Walker

Between this realm and the other realms, lies a small space where time has no meaning and physical restrictions do not exist. This space is called Etherealra, and it is the means you are able to teleport at will. Your mastery of this realm and the local teleportation skills you posses is never challenged. Plus, you’re saner than High Wizards, which can only be seen as a positive.

Role: The Ethereal Walker uses local teleportation and powerful combat magic.


At level 25, Wizards can select specializations that involve Kinetic magic, improving the Spell Fragmentations, and mastery with the staff.


Staff Mastery

“Between channelling kinetic whirlwinds, the Wizard with the grace of a swan, clocked the
assailant on the head with the top of his staff, knocking the assailant out cold!”

Staff Mastery is for the Wizard who wish to improve their skills with using Staff weapons.

Kinesis Empowerment

Streaking, arcing, and surging: These are the tantalizing aspects that draws young students
and Wizards to the kinetic element. Embrace the kinetics and feel it flow through your

Kinesis Empowerment is for the Wizard who wish to expend their use of the kinetic element.

Utopian Fragmentation

With perfection, one must seek balance in all aspects in life, and seek the intimate
understandings of dispella: when it exists, how it exists, and most importantly, why it
exists. Once this prefected state is reached, then and only then, may the Wizard ascend to the
Utopia of Fragmentation! A place where they spiritually bind to dispella and its plane of

Utopian Fragmentation is for the Wizard who wish to expend their use of the spell
fragmentation and dispella.


To see all abilities this class receives click here: Wizard Abilities


Preferred Races

Indagoians, Cryinale, Treloria, Corvant, and Humans.



Spells, *channel (for non-Indago mages), *intervention (for Indago mages), cast and attackinfo.
*These skills allow you to draw essence from the planet so you are able to cast spells once more.


Additional Information

See the following page for my information about Wizard: Magic

Wizard Abilities

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