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Making A Difference


A Tempest Season is a game that believes in giving players the power to make a difference in the world known. This is called the Player First policy. The staff spends much time crafting large and small quests for the player base. In each quest, a series of choices are presented (sometimes not so obvious) and the players get a chance to drive the quest into a certain direction. Sometimes, quests can intertwine with each other, creating a series of events that could not happen as a predetermined plan.

Outside of quests, the players can shape the world via exploring, small RP events, opening their own shops, and helping Tralisia grow or become stagnant.

Finally, the Role Play opportunity for each character is immense – the staff is dedicated to offering all the players something unique for their character. This truly is a game where the player’s actions matter in the world – both small and large!


If you have a request for a personal quest or an idea to make a difference in the world please email the staff.