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Lunar Sages

Lunar Sages form a mysterious and enigmatic order, hailing from the time of the Ancients’ fall. Drawing power from the cosmos, they worship the moons and the vast, unfathomable expanse that surrounds us. Unlike other magic users who rely on conversion of essence, Lunar Sages harness long-forgotten cosmic energies originating from the two moons and the distant, terrifying cosmic gods and creatures lurking in the depths of space.

Bound to the moons of Amor and Honestus and the galaxy, Lunar Sages are often viewed as nightmarish beings or demon worshipers. Consequently, they have been shunned by society and forced to live in isolation, forming secluded communities similar to the Corvants. They channel harmonics provided by the moons, calling upon the attributes of each lunar surface and various astral powers such as powerful eclipses. However, they don’t always draw down these powers directly; at times, they shape the energy derived from the moons into quasi-illusions.

Lunar Sages are known for their eccentricity and apparent madness, constantly speaking of the beyond and the secrets hidden beneath the moons’ surfaces. They share close ties with Wizards, particularly the Ethereal Walkers, and occasionally ally with Arcanists due to their non-traditional magical practices. Although they don’t worship a deity for holiness in the traditional sense, they revere cosmic entities that seem to be of extraterrestrial origin. This belief system influences their elaborate lunar rituals, ceremonies, and the establishment of priests, seers, and other spiritual figures within their secluded communities.



Lunar Sages are considered medium difficulty, well-suited for both newcomers and experienced players intrigued by moons. While their mechanics, from harnessing moon harmonics between Amor and Honestus to creating potent beams of lunar energy and sometimes quasi-illusions, present a unique challenge,  Lunar Sages can be mastered with a bit of practice and patience. The role play aspect, steeped in the rich lore of the moons, cosmos, and the ancient, unfathomable entities, offers an engaging and immersive experience. For those drawn to the mysteries of the celestial and the cosmic, Lunar Sages provide a rewarding journey into the heart of A Tempest Season.



Lunar Sages serve as Healers, DPS, and Utility.


Role Play Opportunities

The world of Ama’rane opens up a constellation of role play opportunities for Lunar Sages. With their unique bond to the cosmos, they can embark on celestial quests, seeking out cosmic relics, deciphering stellar prophecies, and unveiling the ancient secrets hidden within the moon’s craters. Their secluded communities, shrouded in mystery and myth, also offer a plethora of social interactions, from sharing cosmic revelations to debating the enigmas of the universe with fellow Sages.

Furthermore, Lunar Sages may form alliances with non-traditional magic users like Arcanists, or even band up with the eccentric Wizards, particularly the Ethereal Walkers. Such interactions can lead to intriguing storylines and role play scenarios, including magical experiments, exploration of arcane knowledge, or even joint missions to combat shared threats. For the more adventurous, there’s the tantalizing prospect of unveiling the secrets of the beyond, an endeavor that could lead to encounters with cosmic entities and potentially earth-shattering revelations about the universe of A Tempest Season.


Unique Game Play Systems

Lunar Sages use a Waxing and Waning System where they harmonize with each moon and can become the Lord of the Moon!

Waxing and Waning

The abilities of Lunar Sages are marked as either Amor or Honestus.

Each time a Lunar Sage uses an ability, they gain a phase tied to that moon and lose phases from the other moon, representing the waxing and waning of lunar energy. A phase of 0 represents a new moon and a phase of 7 represents a full moon. It is possible to go beyond 7, and reach untold Lunar Power!

Each phase powers the opposite moon significantly but less so than their own. For example, a Full Moon Phase of Amor would greatly power-up the next Honestus ability.

This system adds a new layer of strategic depth to gameplay, as players must carefully manage their lunar phases to maximize their effectiveness in combat and exploration and challenging players to strategize and adapt based on their current lunar phase.

Lord of the Moon

In the mystical rites of Lunar Sages, the Lord of the Moon ritual holds a place of high reverence. This ritual allows a Lunar Sage to form a profound connection with a moon and etch their visage upon its celestial surface. Successful completion of this ritual bestows the title of Lord of the Moon and grants significant boons to the Sage.

The ritual can be initiated every hour, triggering the energies of both moons. Participants are given a 5-minute span to roll for success using the following syntax:

ritual lord control <amor|honestus> to direct their energies towards one of the moons.

Upon successfully placing their face on the moon and becoming a Lord of the Moon, a Lunar Sage receives a temporary boost, adding +1 cap to both moon phases. Additionally, the Lord of the Moon gains special effects and an exclusive ability. Regardless of the moon chosen, the Lord ability grants a chance to reduce the cost of their next ability by 100%, and chance to reduce reuse time by 25%. This unique ritual, with its deep cosmic connections and significant gameplay benefits, encapsulates the mystical allure of the Lunar Sage class.



At level 25, Lunar Sages can select specializations that involve, Lost Lunar Studies, Moon Harmonics, and Twin Alignment.


Lost Lunar Studies

The Lost Lunar Studies specialization offers Lunar Sages a profound exploration of the intertwined fates of the moons Amor and Honestus. Through this specialization, Lunar Sages embark on a journey of discovery, unearthing ancient secrets about these celestial bodies, their harmonics, and the cosmic forces that bind them.

Lost Lunar Studies is for the Lunar Sage who wishes to investigate the lost and long history of the moons.


Moon Harmonics

Moon Harmonics is for Lunar Sages that delves into the intricate resonances of Amor and Honestus. This discipline equips Sages with a profound understanding of the rhythmic lunar energies, allowing them to manipulate these harmonics for increased potency in their abilities.

Moon Harmonics is for the Lunar Sage who wish to become one with the moons!


Twin Alignment

The Twin Alignment specialization allows Lunar Sages to deepen their bond with the celestial twins, Amor and Honestus, and harness their combined powers in unique ways. This path focuses on understanding and maintaining a delicate balance between the energies of the two moons.

Twin Alignment is for the Lunar Sage who wish to harness more unnatural abilities the combined power of the Moons provide…



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Preferred Races

Any and all.


Syzygies(“lunar spells”), cycle(“cast lunar spells”)