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Specializations are a way in A Tempest Season to make your character unique. Each specialization comes with a small set of abilities and passive bonuses. A character can only equip a small amount of specializations at a given time. Another way to think of specializations are as “mini-classes”.



Each specialization has a specific focus, such as casting ice spells or being a trader.

A character can equip only a few specializations at once. You begin the game with 0 specialization slots.

Non-Mages can gain up to 3 total at level 100. You gain one specialization slot 25th, 60th and 100th levels.

Mages can gain up to 5 total at level 100 with the first 1 permanently set to Arcane Studies. You gain one specialization slot 10th, 25th, 35th, 60th and 100th levels.

Specializations are intended to equip a series of special and unique abilities to create a desired mini-class. There are many specializations and they can be found from the trainer in Tralisia to rare items found in the world.

Specializations truly do reward exploration and the majority of them will have to be discovered in some way. We feel the progression your character has should be a reflection of their experiences in the world.

Most of the specializations are specific to a certain class. For example, Mages can acquire the Arcane Studies specialization or Rogues can use the Trade Skills specialization.

Training Specializations

Specializations generally have levels associated with them. Each specialization can be raised by spending a tier point at the trainer in Tralisia.

Training specializations work like abilities. To learn how to do that, visit this page.

Upon leveling up a specialization, you may be granted with a new ability or a passive bonus or both!



Each specialization offers several abilities (generally 3) and passive bonuses. These increases represent the character’s progression in becoming more experienced in the field of study the specialization represents.


Viewing your Specializations

To view your specializations, type ‘spec‘ .

Viewing Specializations

Viewing Specializations


To see detailed information about a specific specialization, type: spec <spec name>

Viewing a Specialization.

Viewing a Specialization.

The above lists the abilities and passive bonuses acquired. Both Fire Bolt and Fire Ball require character level 1 to use and a Novice training level for this specialization. Each level of Magic Spells will increase HP by 100 points.

Equipping and Removing Specializations

Specializations can be equipped and removed. To do so type:

spec equip <spec name>

Specializations can only be equipped at the Training Hall and once per 24 real life hours.


spec remove <spec name>

Upon equipping or removing a specialization, the bonuses (abilities and passive modifiers) will be added or removed.