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ats_forum_logoWritten, compiled, and edited by: Actinate, Dayrinni, and Sheftu

In order to provide a fun, fair, and friendly gaming environment we have established a set of rules that you are expected to follow. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time for with and without reason and/or notification. It is your responsibility to stay up to date.


You must be at least 18 years old to play “A Tempest Season”.

“A Tempest Season” does not have any staff- only two Owners: Dayrinni and Actinate. All other active  or inactive participates are considered players regardless of what they do in the game.


General Rules

1. No Cross Charactering (N.C.C.) – The N.C.C. rule is divided into four clauses:
1.01 – You may not transfer any objects, money, or knowledge between characters you create or control.
1.02 – Unless approved by the Owners, none of your characters shall have any in game knowledge of the other’s existence.
1.03 – You may not begrudge a player’s character with multiple characters.
1.04 – You may not begrudge a player’s secondary characters for the action(s) of his offending character.

2. No Multi-playing – You may not have more than one character logged in at a time under the same IP or HOST address, multiple computers, accounts, multiple accounts(even on the same or different computer(s)). You are only allowed one logged in player per real life person.

3. No Multi-killing – The rules on Multi-killing are broken into seven clauses: Exceptions to this rule are during ‘war quests’ and Owners initiated P.K. games.
3.01 – You may not kill another player’s character more than once for a single offense.
3.02 – Players involved in a P.K. must be prepared to support their decision with a valid role-play reason.
3.03 – Annihilation: No player or character may be targeted for mass annihilation.
3.04 – Assassination I: The player who contracts an assassination on a character may not attack or kill the target character if the assassin fulfills the contract.
3.05 – Assassination II: The player who assassinates a character may not attack or kill that character again without reasonable cause.
3.06 – Bounty Hunting I: The player who contracts a bounty on a character may not attack or kill the target character if the bounty hunter fulfills the contract.
3.07 – Bounty Hunting II: The bounty hunter who captures or kills a character may not capture, attack, or kill that character again without reasonable cause.

4. Bug Abuse – You may not abuse bugs. All bugs must be reported to [email protected] immediately (commands are logged, and we check for abuse when a new bug is found). Bug abuse punishment is at the sole discretion of Dayrinni and Actinate.

5. Harassment – No harassment of any kind. This includes: sexual, verbal, O.O.C., and anything else unwarranted or unwanted. In character harassment is acceptable (except for sexual).

6. AFK and Scripting – A.F.K. scripting will not be tolerated. You have 5 minutes to respond to an Owner if suspected of A.F.K. scripting. Failure to do so may result in the loss of levels, money, and game privileges.
6.01 – Auto-looting: No more kill stealing or looting corpses. This act of stealing a players kill is not considered RP or an IC action in “A Tempest Season.”. A player or group who kills a monster owns it. If you run auto-loot triggers or scripts while playing and are seen/reported picking up other player’s loot, you will be punished (see below). It is your responsibility to check your scripts and triggers and adjust them as necessary (including stop using them if you cannot change their behavior).
6.02 – Complex Triggers, Aliases, Scripts, Auto-bots, Auto-walkers, Auto-hunters:
Basic Aliases, Triggers, and Scripts are acceptable:
1. Auto-loot.
2. Auto-stand.
3. Refreshing Buffs.
4. Emptying containers.
6.03Anything that performs movement while actively fighting monsters and/or hunting is BANNED.
1. If an AFK Script check or any other check is being performed and you behave in such a way that indicates you are auto-walking and botting an infraction will be issued and your character teleported to a Time Out.
2. If you think someone is auto-botting/etc, report it to Dayrinni right away. Do not speak to or take action against the player.
3. We will use other means and determinations to discover and track auto-hunting/etc at our discretion and the ‘walk away X times’ is not considered the only means to receiving an infraction for using these banned processes.

7. Hunting Areas – Hunt in the same area without causing any sort of disruption to each party. If you enter into a hunting area with another player already there, it is expected for the two parties to come to an agreement on how to proceed via tells:
7.01 – Merge Groups or the entering player leaves and finds another location (ie: floor, subsection, etc).
7.02 – If a disruption occurs and you don’t like it – leave. Engaging in PVP over a hunting area is not RP or IC. If this escalates into disruptive behavior infractions will be issued.

8. O.O.C. Conversations – O.O.C conversations may only be held on the ‘chat’, ‘newbie’, and ‘group’ channels unless all players present are in agreement that the conversation is not distracting to the game’s enjoyment.
8.01 – You may ignore people over the Chat Channel using the “ignore command”. If you’re forced to interact with someone due to IC reasons, then interact with them as your character would and move-on.
8.02 – It is expected you are friendly to your fellow players. Be respectful and kind to your fellow players. Do not discuss hot topics such as politics over chat. Do not antagonize the situation and disengage and use the ignore feature.

9. Profanity – You may not use excessive profanity during O.O.C. conversations. Profanity may only be used if it fits the I.C. situation and the theme of “A Tempest Season.”

10. I.C. Communication – You may not use ‘netspeak’ or ‘emoticons’ during role-play.

11. General Disruptions – You may not disrupt the game’s environment (this includes spamming).

12. Private Encounters – You are discouraged from engaging in private encounters of explicit nature. We do not condone, encourage any player’s private activities. Please use common sense in these situations. The Owners are not responsible for any physical, criminal, or psychological damages that occur from these private encounters.

13. Rape and Child Molestation – I.C. acts of rape and child molestation will not be tolerated. O.O.C. acts will be reported to local authorities.

14. Feedback and Criticism – As a player you are entitled to your own opinions and ideas about “A Tempest Season.” We encourage criticism and suggestions. We only require that you are respectful and mature in your feedback. Disrespectful feedback may lower the priority of the Owners looking at it.

15. Excuses – Using the rules and other excuses to cause a disruption or impacting the game negatively will be considered breaking the rules.

16. Cheating – Cheating is prohibited in ATS and is subject to punishment at the owners’ discretion.
16.0.1 – Cheating is defined as “acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.” (
16.0.2 – Violation of general rules 1, 2, 4, and 6 will be considered cheating.
16.0.3 – Using special access or programs to give other characters an unfair advantage is cheating.
16.0.4 – Using OOC knowledge to gain an advantage, information, or leverage over another character or situation is considered cheating.

Role-play Rules

1. First and Last Names – The rules for first and last names are divided into four clauses:
1.01– First and last names must be suitable for a fantasy M.U.D. (‘Coolguy,’ ‘Mass Murderer,’ and ‘Death101’ are not acceptable).
1.02 – Names from popular fantasy genres are prohibited (‘Frodo,’ ‘Gandolf,’ ‘Anakin,’ and ‘Sirius Black’ are not acceptable).
1.03 – Owners reserve the right to alter your name.
1.04 – Surnames may be compound words (‘Blackfist,’ ‘Warhammer,’ and
’Blackthorn’ are all acceptable).

2. Player Descriptions – Descriptions are integral to your role-playing experience in “A Tempest Season.” A good description includes distinguishing physical characteristics of your character, such as: complexion, general build, marks, tattoos, and minor accessories. Please do not include actions or emotes in your description. It is recommended you have a character description by level 10.

3. I.C. verses O.O.C. – The rules for I.C. versus O.O.C. are broken into three clauses:
3.01 – Be courteous and considerate of your fellow players.
3.02 – Evil characters are not played by evil players.
3.03 – O.O.C. information may not be used as I.C. information.

4. Forced Role-play – No player may force actions or commands on another player beyond the use of the mechanics available to them, or without the consent of all parties involved.

5. Disconnecting – Please do not disconnect your character to avoid P.K. situations.

6. Role-play Scenarios and Plots – All player created stories, events, plotlines, and adventure packets must be lore friendly.
6.01 – Personal player background and history does not need approval, unless it conflicts with the game’s lore, current events, or (in)directly affects other players.
6.02 – Localized role-play with other players (telling stories, hunting, talking, investigating, character building, etc..) do not need approval by Dayrinni or Actinate.
6.03 – Any player created role-play, events, plotlines, or adventure packets not covered under 6.01 and 6.02 must be approved by Dayrinni or Actinate.
6.04 – Items, monsters, programs, quests, and rooms created by players require approval by Dayrinni or Actinate. Patreon items are exempt from this requirement.
6.05 – Patreon items, monsters, and rooms may be removed by Dayrinni or Actinate if they violate any rules.
6.06 – Behavior or actions that go against or are in conflict of established lore are subject to retconning or punishment.


Discord Rules

The “A Tempest Season” discord rules are found in the channel #discord-rules on the “A Tempest Season” discord.

Forum Rules

In addition to the above rules, the following also apply to the forums:

  1. Be courteous to your fellow gamer: Flaming and offensive behavior is not chuck-Rulestolerated.
  2. You may not use profanities, spam, or be disruptive to the game’s environment.
  3. Avatar size may not exceed dimensions of 100×100 pixels.
  4. Credit must be given where credit is due (including: art, authorship, and ideas).
  5. All information posted in I.C. forums is considered I.C. knowledge.



Summary of Punishments

Punishments for breaking any rules are decided on a case-by-case basis and is at the discretion solely of the Owners (Dayrinni and Actinate). Punishments may include, but are not limited to: warnings, confiscated items/levels/etc., removal from special programs (Patreon, special access, RP helper, etc.), loss of in-game privileges,, loss of in-game communication channels, and temporary or permanent bans from ATS or any ATS related mediums (Discord channel, website, website forums, etc.)


Policy on Character Wipes

No character wipes will ever occur in “A Tempest Season”.



Policy on Reimbursement

All requests for reimbursement of lost skills, experience, stats, levels, objects, or money must be made to [email protected].



Policy on Rebuilds

If your character is corrupted, destroyed, or deleted for any reason please contact [email protected] and include the most recent log of your character’s information – including: inventory, bank account, stats, skills, and spells.