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Solar Magus

In the annals of history, the Solar Magi have been revered as charismatic religious zealots, devout followers of the ancient Goddess of Day, Lumiaris. Since the dawn of the Second Age, these mighty practitioners have channeled the power of the sun to uphold their divine mission. Guided by the radiant light of Lumiaris, the Solar Magi summon the colossal Sun Throne and preside over their subjects, issuing forth decrees to guide and protect those under their benevolent rule. Wielding flaming hammers and unleashing powerful solar flares, they stand as champions against the encroaching darkness, locked in an eternal struggle against the nefarious god of the night, Zuloruk.

For countless eons, the Solar Magi have waged this ceaseless battle, their unwavering devotion fueling their efforts to thwart the shadowy machinations of Zuloruk. The sacred texts describe the origins of their struggle, an epic tale chronicling the creation of light and the banishment of darkness. As heralds of the sun, the Solar Magi represent the eternal cycle of day and night, a testament to the balance that governs the world of Eihydia and beyond.

The Solar Magi have long remained hidden from the eyes of the world, their existence shrouded in mystery and myth. However, recent events have brought these enigmatic figures forth from the shadows. As whispers of Zuloruk’s presence on Ama’rane and the city of Tralisia grow louder, the Solar Magi see an opportunity to strike at their eternal foe. With renewed vigor, they emerge from their seclusion, ready to confront the darkness and vanquish the god of the night once and for all.



Solar Magi are considered easy difficulty and are suggested for new or experienced players to try. Their mechanics are relatively easy to understand within a few levels.

With that said, Solar Magus offer players who love Sun and Dawn themes, smashing enemies with hammers, and battling against the forces of night much enjoyment.



Solar Magi serve as DPS, Debuffers, and Healers. Solar Magis are bursty, capable of doing high damage but not all the time. They supplement their attacks by using melee blunt weapons.


Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Solar Magi. As devout followers of the ancient Goddess of Day, Lumiaris, Solar Magi can embark on holy quests and missions to spread her divine light throughout the land. They can seek out sacred relics, sun temples, and hidden scriptures that hold the key to unlocking the full potential of their solar powers.

Solar Magi may choose to focus on their religion, where like-minded individuals dedicated to upholding the teachings of the Goddess Lumiaris, spreading their faith to others, and combating the influence of Zuloruk. By participating in ceremonies and rituals, they can strengthen their connection to Lumiaris and gain a deeper understanding of their divine purpose. Solar Magi can also engage with other followers in exploring the complexities of their faith and the eternal struggle between light and dark.

For those who desire a more political role, Solar Magi can serve as advisers or emissaries to rulers and leaders, sharing the wisdom and guidance of the Sun Throne. They can act as mediators in disputes or diplomatic negotiations, wielding their charismatic presence and divine authority to sway hearts and minds. Solar Magi achieve this by issuing decrees from their Sun Throne – making a quick resolution to any dispute.


Finally, Solar Magi who wish to confront the darkness directly can hunt down followers of Zuloruk, seeking to eradicate the god’s presence from Eihydia. In their quest to vanquish the night, they can engage in thrilling battles against agents of darkness, using their solar flares and flaming hammers to devastating effect. These fierce confrontations provide ample opportunity for Solar Magi to showcase their prowess in combat and their unwavering dedication to Lumiaris’ cause.

In all paths, it is possible to achieve the greatest goal: being graced by Lumiaris herself and given a sacred quest to further her worship and goals across the world.

Unique Game Play System

Solar Magi use the Solar Fury system.

The Solar Fury system allows Solar Magi to build enough sun energy to either become super-charged by the core of the sun, or to summon the mighty Burning Sun Throne, take seat upon it, and issue mighty decrees across the land!

The Solar Fury: Emboldened Warrior is best for Solo Play.

The Solar Fury: Burning Sun Throne is best for Group Play fighting challenging monsters.

Solar Fury is generated by attacking, dealing damage, and taking damage.


At level 25, Solar Magi can select specializations that involve the Sun Throne, and ancient more unique paths of the Sun…


Guardian of the Sun Throne

Guardians of the Sun Throne are sworn protectors of the sacred hall devoted to the worship of Lumiaris, the Goddess of Day. They are tasked with safeguarding the magnificent and ever-bright Sun Throne, the symbol of the power of the goddess and a focal point of worship for her followers. The Sun Throne resides somewhere secret in the Citadel of the Blazing Sanctorum.


Guardian of the Sun Throne is for the Solar Magus who desire to seek a closer connection to the Sun Throne.


Flaming Hammers of Corruption

In the ancient lore of Eihydia, tales are told of a giant flaming hammer forged from the heart of a dying phoenix. It is whispered that this hammer is imbued with a power that corrupts those who wield it, leaving them a mere shadow of their former selves. Some say that the hammer is a cursed weapon, best left untouched, while others believe that in the right hands, it can be a powerful tool for good. Nevertheless, the story of the dying phoenix and its hammer continues to be passed down through the ages, a cautionary tale of power and corruption.

Flaming Hammers of Corruption is for the Solar Magus who wish to wield the power of an ancient dying phoenix.

Disciple Of Euurliant

Legends speak of the great Sun Dragon God Euurliant, said to reside within the very heart of the sun, forever basking in its radiant warmth. It is said that Euurliant and the goddess Lumiaris are wed, but remain apart due to unknown reasons, leaving their followers to yearn for their eventual reunion.

According to the ancient texts, Euurliant has created the Sun Avatar, a being capable of taking mortal form to aid Lumiaris in her fight against the forces of Zuloruk. It is whispered that this Avatar is imbued with the power of the dragon god himself, and that it will one day bring forth a new age of light and prosperity upon the realm of Eihydia.

Disciple Of Euurliant is for the Solar Magus who wish to harness the potent power of a Sun Dragon.


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Preferred Races

Any and all.



Flares, burst, attackinfo, pound, crush, and smash.