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Ethari Elf

Below, you will find the information and history of the Ethari Elf race, as known to the scholars in the 14th Age, where A Tempest Season currently takes place.


No one knows what an Ethari looks like until they meet them.

The Ethari Elf is an Elven race that have psionic abilities. Thought to be long extinct, they have recently returned to Eihydia for unknown reasons. They stand 6 feet to 7.5 feet. An Ethari has very soft and pale, platinum or silvery skin. This alabaster face of the Ethari grazes down impetuously, its visage seeming to easily unsettle those they interact with. Tall white ears jut almost straight up – only angled slightly backwards – to the top of their head. Of the currently known Elven races, Ethari have the longest and tallest of the ears. Due to their unique mental powers, this has had a beneficial side affect of bestowing long life upon the members, with Ethari Elves living up to 1,000 years.


The existence and history of the Ethari is not known to the common folk and are thought of to be extinct. Only the most dedicated scholars and champions of history will know any information regarding them. What information which does exist is scattered around the world and unclear at best. There simply isn’t much to go on. Traditionally, however, there are some basic classes taught at the Riesuts Royal Academy at Eridan to aspiring Mages, Wizards and the like. These classes are the main source of information regarding this race.

The following excerpt is simply a collection of hypothesis’s from scholars and is not proved to be as fact:

It is believed that a Dark Age took place either during the 1st Age or perhaps the 8th Age (the texts are not clear), the emergence of this race came from the Schism created by the Ancients (or the downfall of Magic after the 7th Age). There are indications that the Ethari were rulers of vast tracts of land, but it is not clear if any interaction with Humans or other races was present. There are again, slight evidence the Elves ruled over North Kel-sith, but also a mention of a far away land “to the north west”, which may indicate Ravindar, or a land beyond that.

Regardless of their location, due to their unique and powerful ability to use psionics, the Ethari were able to dominate the local population and control them. A caste society quickly developed with the Elves at the top, and all other races underneath.

The Ethari eventually vanished, leaving a powerful vacuum in their areas of influence. It is suspected this led to the rise of the earliest kingdoms of other races (or a fresh slate that shapes the political landscape in the 14th Age). The reasons for their vanishing are not known, and no relevant research has been completed as to exactly why or what caused this.


It is in the 14th Age that the Ethari have slowly started to reappear and have begun arriving in Tralisia. Each individual arrives without notice and seemingly appears next to the Glorifian Construct engulfed in void energy. Perhaps the Construct is acting as a beacon or connection to the void-scape?



There are several types of personalities within the Ethari. There are some who are very calculating and see the universe in black and white. Others are more eccentric, where they believe the cosmos and the void offer much more than the physical world can. Ethari can also be rude, and act superior, much like Indagos.

Though there are some differences in personality, there is one common thread in all Ethari Elves have: Each are driven by The Directive: an order from the Void-scape to go to Tralisia and prevent a shattered age. They toil tirelessly to complete this calling. Whether the individual Ethari decides to share this calling with others is entirely up to them.

Racial Tensions

Indagos: as there are vague indications they were once enslaved by the Ethari.

Depending on the specific Ethari, other races may or may not cause tensions.


The Ethari have no current homeland and some speak of a void-filled landscape that hangs between this planet and the two moons Honestus and Amor. In this void-scape are vast Chambers where their kind hang in stasis until called upon to fulfill The Directive.

The fate of their original homeland, the Authority of Supremacy, on Eihydia (previous to entering the Void) is only known to the Ethari. Sharing any information of this old and destroyed piece of their past is a personal decision.

Preferred Classes


Natural Ability

The Ethari have powerful psionic based abilities that allow them to damage their enemies and control the minds of others.


The Ethari have several unique game play systems in place because they do not receive a class like other races:

Broken Sanity: cause your enemies to be driven insane, inflicting various status aliments and actions once their sanity is broken. There are three breaks, each with various themes: consumption, destruction, and delusion.

Telepathy: harness the mental state of your enemies to unlock new and powerful sub-affects on your psionics! Each target has a specific telepathy so pay close attention to your abilities and what each does for each telepathy. This is how you will master your knowledge of your psionics!

Neuropathic Links: assign mental links to different categories of your psionics to greatly empower them up!

Ethari Abilities

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