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Fighters are masters of melee combat. They excel in all forms of physical combat. Fighters are able to use all weapons with the same skill and versatility.


Fighters are considered easy difficulty and are suggested for new players to try. Their mechanics are easy to understand and the role play is not hard to get started with.

With that said, Fighters are still challenging to play at later levels.



Fighters serve as DPS and Tanks. Fighters deal the highest melee damage in the game.


Role Play Opportunities

A Tempest Season offers many unique opportunities for Fighters. They can join the city watch, create a guild of ferocious fighters, adventure into the wild lands and continually combat creatures, or they can simply relax at the local tavern.


Unique Game Play System

Fighters use the Style system. This style system consists of selecting from one of five styles. As the fighter levels up they will gain access to new abilities from their selected style. The execution of the style abilities are automatic, but trigger on certain instances. Overtime, the fighter will collect a series of abilities which will make them extremely powerful in melee combat.

The five styles are:

  • Finesse
  • Brute Force
  • Command
  • Dire
  • Inner Self


The Finesse focuses on using highly specialized motions in specific moments to attain the maximum benefit. This style has a mixture of defensive and offensive abilities.

Brute Force

Brute force uses the sheer strength of the fighter to achieve maximum damage. They can use their strength in a whole host of abilities to unleash physically devastating attacks.


The command style focuses on controlling the battlefield and the opponents in it. They are better suited for fighting multiple or with group members. Their abilities deal with applying short term buffs on themselves and group members. The more targets they are fighting, the more often these buffs will trigger.


The dire style focuses on using dire situations to the fighters benefit – the riskier the battle, the more defensive bonuses/abilities they get. The lower in HP they get the more defensive they are!

Inner Self

Every reaction and action has a consequence on the surroundings around the fighter. This style takes that into consideration and produces a method to use these to the advantage. They also use their inner willpower and drive to succeed to overcome deadly situations that others would not be able too.



Each fighter can select from one of two focii. Each will give the fighter unique skills.


Trained fighters represents years of practice in a carefully controlled setting. They learn standardized techniques which may or may not be useful in an actual fight. Genuinely useful moves represent careful thought by someone much more experienced than the people using them.

Role: The Trained Fighter leans more towards weapon and armor mastery.


Talented fighters, willingly or not, did not practice with an instructor. He went into fighting haphazardly and came out relatively unscathed. Trial-and-error characterized his learning. Techniques were repeated if they produced results and forgotten if they got him hurt. Trained fighters describe his fighting style as “sloppy.”

Role: The Talented Fighter applies debuffs to their enemies, making them easier to kill

Special Attacks

Fighters have access to the following combat specialized attacks:
Dispatch – a powerful blow that deals much damage for limited risk increase.
Expose – a weak blow that exposes your target enough for you to decrease your risk greatly.



The basic specializations the Fighter has access to at level 25 are:

Ama’rane Fury

The continent of Ama’rane is known for its dangerous habitat. This specialization seeks to use the dangers as a means to overcome them – devastating blows, elegant dances of death and a way to kill in a single blow. These are the traits gained by truly embracing what Ama’rane is.

Stone Will

Deep in every true fighter is a will of stone. This intangible can be harnessed and brought to the forefront in combat to great defensive affect! Only through the most intense training and situations can the fighter master this specialization.

Cautious Force

Each fight is deadly and could mean the end of the fighter, regardless of training and experience. Every angle must be examined and every preparation must be undertook before engaging. During the fight, the combatant must ensure the techniques are executed to perfection. This is Cautious Force: necessary preparation coupled with control over what resides around you.



To see all abilities this class receives click here: Fighter Abilities

While all classes can use the GUARD command, Fighters receive a large bonus to the success rate. Guard allows a player to taunt a NPC off of another target. This skill should be used to protect your allies in battle!

Syntax: guard target
guard dayrinni


Preferred Races

Amphorian, Dwarf, Varconian, Treloria and Human.



Grip, fling, expose, dispatch, and guard.

Fighter Abilities

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