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Age of Faith (10th Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 9th Age

Estimated time: 70,000-50,000 yrs

Religions: Unknown.






Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.


  • The dawn of the Age of Faith is startling: powerful deities make an appearance and strictly dictate everyone’s lives. Due to their physical presence, all across the lands, people willingly follow these new gods
  • Temples are constructed all over, as the peasants and nobles seek to gain piety.
  • The first quarter of the Age is marred with holy wars, but unlike the Magic wars, the destruction is subdued and is only constrained to loss of life instead of land and structures.
  • Eventually, the wars taper as the religious territories are defined and accepted. A long golden age of peace begins.
  • The peace continues for many thousands of years. However, a seed of corruption and selfishness slowly builds in much of the world. It is subtle, and few, if any realize this.
  • Towards the end of the Age, roughly 10 years before its end, the deities vanish and all prayers now go unanswered.

North Kel-sith

  • The Varconian Valistar Pelobeza is born and pens her greatest work: Last Rites of the Righteous. This would set the stage for the end of the world.
  • The Order of the Shield, having been in existence for hundreds of thousands of years slowly stagnates.
  • Eridan reforms the Arch Mage council and returns to a council of 5. Enrollment into the Riesuts Royal Academy declines as many look to religion instead of magic for purpose and satisfaction in life.
  • Towards the end of the Age, Reilan Riesuts is born and becomes an Arch Mage on the council. Other council members include Uieran (male Human), Seirulus (female Treloria), Recker (male Indago), and Tulian (female Cryinale Elf). All will play pivotal roles in the dark times to come.
  • Vanyelar becomes more independent as the Age of Faith continues.
  • The Kai’vivorian Empire becomes a safe haven for those who wish to escape religious prosecution and to focus more on science, alchemy and magic.
  • Saint Raphieon is born and becomes the leader of the Order of the Shield.
  • The Order of the Shield no longer actively seeks out heretics and instead, focuses on public works.

South Kel-sith

  • The Triumvirate of Ema, Sul-angue, some tribal Varconians and Merak form the first Vari’kah Empire: South Vari’kah.
  • Vast temples are constructed in the northern low lands of South Kel-sith, an independent city is constructed, Cirquil, that houses the physical presence of all 6 deities.
  • South Kel-sith becomes known for many pilgrimages as millions travel its lands yearly to attain spiritual enlightenment.
  • The Triumvirate become concerned as they are overcome with a foreboding feeling. They begin a massive military build up but keep these forces in secluded areas as not to appear to be taking an aggressive approach.


  • At the FMA Headquarters at Faro-Shee a strange man appears in the doorway of the Grand Master Office. They speak for a few minutes. After, the Grand Master renounces his position for the new arrival. This man has no name or face.
  • The Darillian Imperial Kingdom briefly attempts to exert its influence and attacks Vanyelar by the sea, but is repulsed. After, they attack the newly formed Dwarven nation of Camoon on Lon’gordia but suffer grave losses. The attacks are under the (false) pretexts of religious expansion and are considered “status quo” early in the Age. Unlike other early conflicts, this had profound internal consequences: the family lineage becomes exploitative of its people and a massive build up of military forces occurs during the end of the Age. This corruption slowly spreads throughout the entire Kingdom.
  • A population boom of Disorains occurs on Denual.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.


  • The Dwarves form a new kingdom called Camoon on the eastern shores of Lon’gordia with Orethyst as the capitol.
  • Battles occur between the Dwarves and Treloria over resources and religious beliefs. Eventually they enter a cold war.
  • On the mountain of Orethyst, a vast temple is constructed to the Gods of War and Knowledge. Every 10 years, Dwarves have a year long festival celebrating their deities.
  • The Dwarven Holy Priest Janulzar “Holy Hammer” CrimsonBeard forms the Holy Order of Righteous Hammers, a select group of the most pious and ferocious Dwarven warriors. It is rumored Janulzar’s beard bursts into flame during combat, terrifying the unrighteous. They tour North and South Kel-sith spreading holy words.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.