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End Game Progression Systems

The following systems are opened up once reaching level 100. They each cover a certain aspect of your character’s development. There are more detailed instructions and information within the game.


Aptitude System

Aptitudes are an end game activity aimed towards long term grind based progression for
those who enjoy this type of game activity. Aptitudes are not required to be successful in
ATS and are optional.

Aptitudes are learned by purchasing a booklet at the woman in Swordspire Training Hall and
then charging the aptitude at the Magical Emporium using the aptitude charge command. The
charging of an aptitude requires certain items typically found by killing monsters.

Once an aptitude is unlocked, the aptitude nodes can be trained at a trainer using the
train list aptitude command. Each node has a certain amount of levels associated with it
and each bestows a passive bonus or ability modification. To modify an ability see the
aptitude modify command.


Extended Ability Levels (EALs)

Extended Ability Levels (EALs) is a level 100 game play system. Certain abilities have
additional levels which can only be raised through grinding uses. Ability points and gold
are not used to train these.

In order to unlock EAL levels, a book of knowledge must be acquired by performing the
following steps:
1. Combine the following using a combiner:
-some taut bindings made from green hydra skin from the green hydras (1.5% drop rate)
-a discarded bundle of faded bleached vellum drops from a viscous sludge monster, an all
consuming black acid monster and a giant, and hulking beast covered in black acid at (~.35%
drop rate)

2. Then, completed the quest given by Pazel Floretine to attain the taut hydra skin bound
book filled with expanded knowledge. This can be used at the trainer to unlock the EALs on
an ability. Pazel can be found near the southern entrance into Silent Wood in the city.

You can see what abilities have EALs by visiting the trainer and typing: train list

Gear Evolution

Gear Evolution is a way for players to find or create their own custom gear and then power it up over time in various ways. This system avoids the situation where a player is forced to wear something that does not fit the RP of their character but they need to because it has the best stats.

The Gear Evolution System is currently in development and slated for release end of 2019.

Master Specializations

Master Specializations are considered advanced classes for your base class. Examples include a Templar being able to become a Paladin or a Mage becoming a master of Ice and Fire.

Master Specializations are currently in development and will be the last End Game Progression System designed and implemented. Additionally, Master Specs are a major component of the long term content plan for ATS due to the number of base classes and different aspect of each class we want to explore.