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Age of Honor (4th Age)

Record Data

Also known as: 4th Age, The Ravinder Event, Amphorian Crisis

Estimated time: 150,000-130,000 yrs

Religion: Unknown.






Record Details

The following is only but some of the events that took place during this Age. As new records are discovered information may be modified, added or removed.


North Kel-sith

  • The Riesuts Royal Academy is formed in Eridan, named after Niven Riesuts.
  • Eridan continues to grow, both in the size of the city and number of applicants.
  • The Kai’vivorian Empire begins to focus on sea-fearing exploration to the north. Nothing of interest is discovered.
  • Human’s begin building more cities and smaller towns, villages, and hamlets.
  • The Order of the Shield constructs the city of Daeloth which will act as their headquarters.
  • Mage’s discover a single piece anima, an incredibly rare material – highly pure solidified essence crystals. Anima is toxic to those who come into contact with them; research is performed to see if safe handling is possible. The research is not successful. Several Mages go insane and Eridan strictly restricts access to the piece.

South Kel-sith

  • The Grand Cokia (leader of the Amphorian people) and Amhporians launch attacks on their northeastern Human neighbors.
  • Varconians sit idly by, watching for any opportunities.
  • The Triumvirate of Ema watches while silently mustering their forces under Renilian.
  • Brutal battles are waged between the Humans of the Northern Kingdom and Amphorians for several years, with the Humans unable to deal with the agility and swift attacks from the frogs.
  • The conflict begins to spill over to neighboring kingdoms, and the Triumvirate of Ema is forced to intervene by bringing both sides to peace talks.
  • Peace is made between the Human Kingdoms and Amphorians: Amphorians keep their conquered lands, build Sul-angue (nation for refugees who were displaced by war), and lend military aid in any future conflicts. The Humans are ordered to issue formal apologies.
  • Construction of Sul-angue, funded and managed by the Amphorian family Lamboria, begins.
  • Peace resumes.


  • The Denualitii consolidate control over most of the continent and form a powerful central government consisting all of Humans. There is no discovery of any other races at this time.
  • The central government, ruled by three famous explorers, form the “Three Points Pact”, and aim to explore in 3 regional locations surrounding the continent: west, north, and east. It is rumored that the southern oceans are filled with never ending storms.
  • Work begins to construct a vast fleet of ships capable of exploring these far off lands.


  • There are no major developments during this Age and the land is mostly wild and filled with mystery.


  • By this time, Dwarven culture is flourishing with vast kingdoms on southern and northern Ravinder.
  • Due to disputes over trade and tradition, a savage war breaks out between these two kingdoms.
  • Massive strip mining starts and elaborate underground facilities are constructed to fuel the weapons of war.
  • Much like with the other wars in Eihydia, this one too raged on for many long years without a victor. The earth is stripped of all precious materials as the Dwarves fight with strange battle machines and massive iron suits that stand many feet tall.
  • A giant steel monster from the north annihilates one southern Dwarven city.
  • The Dwarves dig down so deep in their lust for war they uncovered something they would soon regret: Nature’s Wrath. Demons are unleashed upon the two kingdoms and begins the destruction of the Dwarven presence on Ravinder.
  • A catastrophic reaction occurs: northern Raviner forever descends into eternal winter and southern Ravinder bakes in the everlasting fiery sun.
  • The unleashed Demons from deep in the earth and fallen Dwarven undead begin to inhabitant the lands as the Dwarves start to flee south on crudely made ships, sailing to Lon’gordia.
  • The Great Rakl-lan, a terrible and powerful Arch Demon, makes his home in one prominent southern Dwarven city. A force of 25,000 Dwarven soldiers try to liberate the city are all killed. The city becomes completely infested with undead, predominately of fallen soldiers.
  • Numerous other cities all over Ravinder suffer the same fate – as much as 80% of all Dwarves are slain in the process. The survivors use any means to escape the continent and flee across the southern ocean, to Lon’gordia. A select few take refuge in isolated camps and locations on Ravinder.


  • The land is wild and filled with mystery…
  • …until the end of the Age, when fleets of crudely made ships containing Dwarven refugees land on its shores, looking to escape the war-torn and devastated lands of Ravinder. (See Ravinder Section)